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How Much $$$ Does Your Sales Leave on the Table Each Month?

  • 55% of customer callers to small businesses do not leave a message.
  • The average small business misses approximately 14 calls per week.
  • 12.5% of missed calls are actually lost potential sales.

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Feb, 2012

Timothy Goodwin
Owner, Watershed Cabins

“I have used Halloo to run my vacation rental business for several years. The rich features and flexibility of Halloo…”   Full story»

Feb, 2012

Regina Scully
Customer Service, CarePlus Financial

“Love the service--very easy and flexible to use!”

Halloo voice mail works with your existing telephones

Halloo can route calls to your mobile, office or home telephone. Work from anywhere with find-me, follow-me, voice mail to email, and fax to email features.

Enhance your image with a toll-free 800 number

Project a big company image with a Halloo toll-free number. Pick a great number from our inventory of 800, 888, 877, 866 and now 855 numbers to get started immediately. Or, if you want a more customized feel, get a memorable vanity number for your business. We also have local area code numbers in most U.S. cities.

Flexible call handling for you and your organization

Setup multiple voice mail boxes for that big company feel. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a growing small business, Halloo gives you the flexibility you need. Roll over from your own agents to the Halloo Receptionist for 24x7 live operator backup.

Make voice mail a thing of the past

The average small business line misses 14 calls per week. 55% of callers do not leave a voice mail. Now, have your phone answered 24x7 by a professional assistant when you can’t pick up. Our U.S. based receptionists answer each call professionally and courteously according to your instructions, while providing you with accurate callback information immediately via email. Just $1.80 per call. No monthly minimum.

Up and running in minutes

Halloo is easy to set up, allowing you to be up and running in just minutes. There are no long term contracts or monthly commitments.

30-day risk free trial

Try Halloo RISK-FREE for 30 days. Sign up for any Halloo plan and if you are not completely satisfied, cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

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Halloo Features

Small Business Corner


Voice mail is becoming the new snail mail

Jennifer Killian
Small Business Owner and Blogger, San Francisco, CA

80% of callers to businesses hang
up when hearing voice mail.

—Fortune Magazine, 2006 study

According to recent studies, nearly 4 out of 5 people calling into a small business who get voice mail do not leave a message. And it’s likely that this trend will only increase in the era of text and instant messaging features built into smart-phones.

Some of the psychological reasons that people don’t like to leave voice mails is that customers inherently understand that voice mail is not real-time, and not checked frequently. Yet we live in a world of increasing urgency where minutes today are the equivalent of tens of minutes in the pre-Internet age.

The other is that search engines have taught us that even for local businesses and professional services, competitors are just a mouse-click away. Rather than leave a voice mail and wait for a callback, many people will simply search for another vendor. Studies from Google and MarketingSherpa have shown this over and again.

For business owners as well, voice mail can be a hindrance. Honestly, who likes sifting through and listening to each voice mail message, scribbling down callback names and numbers,

having to hit the repeat button to clearly hear digits, and then to clear out the voice mail inbox?

IVR can help

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can help funnel your calls so that customers who wish to speak to someone in sales can press, for example, [1] and have those calls forwarded to a cell phone (you probably don’t want to send those calls to voice mail), but those who have general inquiries such as directions or office hours can service themselves by pressing, say, [2].

Not only can such systems route the more urgent calls to the right person and phone number, but it also reduces the chances that someone looking for general information will abandon due to a voice mail greeting. For instance, if someone is calling to see if the local dentist down the block from their home is open on Saturdays, they could hear an option, “To hear our location and office hours, press 2,” instead of a general greeting—which gives them the opportunity to simply hang up and do a Google search for a dentist down the block from their office instead.

Think about sending your sales leads to an answering service off hours

A new trend in voice mail systems is speech to text translation. These systems attempt to convert the audio of a recorded message to text, sending you the message as an SMS or email. The problem is, with 80% of your callers hanging up when they hear the voice mail proompt, you’ve lost your sales lead. For the few that do leave a message, the accuracy of the translation leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why Halloo came up with a new type of answering service, that you can subscribe to on demand. Send just your sales overflow to the Halloo live receptionist, or just your evening or weekend calls. You can prioritize your call routing to balance between cost and service level.

On-demand answering services like Halloo’s only charge a couple of dollars per answered call, so unless your product and service have razor thin margins (like the Dollar Store) think about making this investment. It’s easy to set-up and rarely does it not lead to positive ROI.