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Auto attendant
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Enjoy a Virtual Receptionist at Your Small Business

The Halloo Auto Attendant greets your callers, and directs them to different “departments” (e.g. sales/support), user extensions, or pre-recorded company and product information. Since the Auto Attendant is 100% Web-managed, you control your system and can make changes to it at any time, as often as you want.

Halloo Customer Care can facilitate professional studio recordings for your Auto Attendant after your account activation. See our Pricing information for details.

After hours greetings

This powerful feature also offers advanced rules which can be used to play after hours or holiday greetings automatically!


Halloo Office plans include special menus, such as the Dial-by-Name directory. This interactive system allows callers to locate your employees by first or last name search, and will prompt callers automatically if they get stuck. This operator never needs a lunch break!

You can even exclude users from the directory for privacy. No programming is required. The directory automatically updates itself as you add users to your system.


The dial-by-extension directory enables callers to connect directly with any user extension in your Halloo System. It is also used as an access point for checking voicemail messages via phone (My Halloo Dialtone).

Callers are automatically routed to the right employee or department—no programming required!

Direct calls can bypass main menus and connect right to your office!


The Dial-by-Address menu allows you to easily create and maintain property listings that give your customers the latest property information. Let your customers search by the property’s street name/address!

Dial-by-Address menus are used by many real estate agencies, rental services and various service provider networks. Put your customers in touch with the people and information they need most — no extra programming required!

This feature is available with the following Halloo Plans:
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