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Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to Halloo! This online guide will introduce you to the many features and options available in the Halloo system. This Quick Reference Guide is a good starting point for all users of Halloo and will give you the basics of signing in, checking your voicemail, and setting up your forwarding preferences.

How to Setup Your New Office or FlexCall Account

The Admin Guide shows you how to set up your new Office and FlexCall Center account, and covers how to add extensions, plan and record your auto attendant, change service plans, manage telephone numbers and more.

How to Setup Your New Solo or WebCall Account

Follow these simple steps in order to set up your new Halloo account. You must have your Account-ID, Username, and PIN handy in order to sign in to My.Halloo.Com. If you are unsure of this information, please visit My Halloo and click on “Sign-in help” to retrieve your PIN.

  1. Sign in to My Halloo as yourself.
  2. Set up your General preferences so that the Halloo system knows how to send you email and page you
  3. Set up your Call Forwarding preferences so that the Halloo system knows how to reach you.
  4. Set up your Voicemail Greeting and preferences next, so that your callers can leave you messages.
  5. If you are setting up a Halloo Office or FlexCall account, you should add additional user extensions now. Please see the Admin Guide for details.

Other Ways to Access My Halloo

All Halloo features are setup and configured through My.Halloo.Com. And, for your convenience, you can also access Halloo when you are not on the Internet.

phone My Halloo Dialtone
When you are away from your computer, dial in to retrieve your messages, update your forwarding preferences, and place outbound calls. You will interact with the My Halloo Dialtone, which is an interactive system that can be accessed from any touch tone telephone.
mobile My Halloo Mobile
Most mobile phones now include a mobile web browser with Internet access. Visit halloo.mobi on your mobile device to visually manage your voice messages, change your forwarding preferences, and more. My Halloo Mobile is a streamlined version of the My Halloo Web interface, designed especially for mobile phones. Please refer to the Halloo Mobile chapter for more information.