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Hold Queues

Do you have too many “missed calls” or blank voice messages in your Sales Department mailbox? FlexCall Center hold queues can decrease your number of abandoned calls by playing customized music on hold until you are able to answer the call.


  • Promote your company, products, and services with customized hold music that plays while your caller is holding for the next available agent.
  • Reduce abandoned calls when your call volume temporarily spikes.
  • Handle your most urgent calls first, using Queue Prioritization.


  • Escape rules can be programmed to allow callers to leave voicemail or return to IVR when no agents are available.
  • Program queue priorities to ensure that more urgent calls get answered first. Customize your on-hold escape options by queue to provide the best possible caller experience.
This feature is available with the following Halloo Plans:
Feature: Halloo
Hold Queues     Yes