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Our customers in their own words…

Jan, 2014

David Easter

“Finally - Great Customer support via support phone # !”

Aug, 2013

Miles Baker
Marketing with Miles

“I use Halloo to automate our phone system process.  As a small company it's important for us to come across professionally.  Halloo allows us to do that by having a professional sounding voicemail system which can direct callers to appropriate departments. Hallo is also helpful in that we can automate our call system to save us time in managing call flow. ”

Jul, 2013

Ed Romanoff
Production Manager, Just Off Broadway, Inc.

“We've been thrilled with Halloo since our not-for-profit theater company needed phone and voicemail service in a virtual office. It has been a God-send to our VERY small staff and allows us to create department VM's that can be easily accessed by our patrons and retrieved by volunteers. Thanks, Halloo!”

Jul, 2013

Jim Czekner
Founder, Meta Section, LLC

“Meta Section is our second company using Halloo.  The first company was sold to a technology services vendor a few years ago.  Keeping everything virtual with companies like Halloo, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud services affords us great flexibility and portability. We have setup both voice and fax services with Halloo.  Call forwarding allows us to work in distributed offices while appearing to be centralized.  The email forwarding of voicemails and faxes makes sure that we never miss anything.  We have the email and faxes hooked up to our ticketing system provided by Freshdesk.  Works perfectly. As a startup, we watch our cash very carefully.  The fact that Halloo provides such a professional presentation at a great price is important to us.  In addition, the service is quick and easy to setup.  We move at "startup speed" and appreciate anything that saves time. We actively recommend Halloo to our fellow startups.”

Jul, 2013

Scott Harper
Applied Air Systems

“Our company is essentially a cyber-office without anyone dedicated to a phone at a desk. Halloo offers us the ability to increase our customer service and sales coverage of incoming phone calls in ways that we can control. This decreases response times and allows us to maximize our resources. Thank you for your great support for our company!”

Jul, 2013

Michael Lewin

“I use Halloo in a variety of ways for my business.  I have auto attendant set up and my phones forward to Halloo on no answer and busy.  For some extensions, I have it set up to ring an additional phone number prior to going to voicemail.  All messages are emailed to me and I check them either on the computer or in gmail via my android device.  For employees that are not checking voice mail after hours, I can set their mail box to send me the message.  Halloo allows me to be away from my office while handling all my calls.”

Sep, 2012

Paul Mungioli
Grace Sales Group

“I get my messages, all of them in a timely manner.”

Feb, 2012

Regina Scully
Customer Service, CarePlus Financial

“Love the service--very easy and flexible to use!”

Feb, 2012

Alan D. Smith
Owner, West Fork Investments

“Your customer service agent was very helpful in getting my account set up the best way for my business.”

Feb, 2012

Larry Jackson
Owner/CEO, Jackson's Worldwide Inc

“Well I had a problem that their staff worked with me diligently to resolve satisfactorily, and I just knew to myself this was the company who could get the job. I was totally pleased with outcome. I highly recommend this company Halloo without reservation!!! Simply the Best...nothing left to say!!!”

Feb, 2012

John Palys
President, Best PC Fixit

“We are testing your service. We currently have been using RingCentral but are unhappy with the service, support, and especially the user interface. Your interface is intuitive and friendly and we are likely to be switching over to Halloo after your testing has been completed.”

Feb, 2012

Timothy Goodwin
Owner, Watershed Cabins

“I have used Halloo to run my vacation rental business for several years. The rich features and flexibility of Halloo allow me to handle all sorts of customer service issues. I especially like the ability to control after-hours calls efficiently. I get information to customers with recorded messages and still allow calls to reach live representatives in emergencies. Top this off with incredibly prompt customer service and I am thrilled to recommend Halloo to my colleagues.”

Jan, 2012

Robert Perugini
Sun and Fun Shuttle

“Thanks - you were very quick and efficient! I appreciate it! Thanks again!”

Jan, 2012

Stephanie Winslow
ASL Interpreter Connect, LLC

“Halloo, Wow, you guys really ARE quick and responsive. Thanks so much for your assistance. I am looking forward to growing with Halloo.”

Sep, 2011

Ron Adams
Owner, Firstmate Inc.


Sep, 2011

Joan Loring
Owner, A Tan-In-A-Can Mobile Tanning

“I am a new customer, so far so good.”

Sep, 2011

Maryanne Ciavarella
Customer Loyalty Representative, RAC ENT INC -

“It is very easy to use the features that are offered.”

Jun, 2011

Diane Mathes
Senior Sales Representative, Walking Fingers Telemarketing

“We are very happy with the service we have had for 10 years. If there was an issue it was always on my end. You helped me when I needed help every time. Thanks Halloo!”

May, 2011

Christen Bartlebaugh Gunder
HomeBound Primary Care

“Halloo has been an intergal part of my business from the start. I wanted an edge on being able to communicate to my customers without barriers of long distance cost to them. Having toll free access and at such a low cost to my small business is something to shout about. I was referred by a friend who also has your service and is very pleased as am I about I have also given information to others because of such great service. Others are amazed that I also have a toll free fax, I download the fax to my computer and I choose to print the fax or not, saves on the cost of paper and is great for the environment, promotes a green environment!”

Feb, 2011

Hans Huo
Chairman, Urban Connection

“Halloo provides our homeless ministry with ongoing phone services so our homeless guests always has a hotline to call for help. With limited funds for staffing, we are grateful for their automated attendant and routing features to give our small organization all the features larger organizations have for a fraction of the price. Thank you Halloo for going the extra mile to help make this world a better place...God Bless!”

Dec, 2010

Jeanne Dover
Psychic Assists

“Halloo has the fastest customer service on the Internet. Any time I've e-mailed an inquiry, request or problem, they have responded almost immediately.”

Dec, 2010

Michelle Behrenwald
Big God Big Free

“Halloo has enabled my ministry to be able to be broadcast easily and effectively. Halloo had the right technical structure and capability to efficiently handle my needs when no one else could. I wanted to put up an Encouragement Hotline where people could call in and hear pre-recorded messages to become inspired or comforted. By using the technical structure and support that Halloo provides I was able to do this and do it cost-effectively. I can also change my package based on usage, and easily change my options. Way to go Halloo - helping make the world a better place.”

Dec, 2010

Tim Henke
Harris Chain Sail & Power Squadron

“I enjoy the services of Halloo because they give me a telephone presence for my non-profit organization. I especially like that I can be notified and retrieve messages from the internet. The service is straight-forward and is a great deal for the price.”

Dec, 2010

Jan Senecal
Answers Accounting

“We have been customers for just over 4 years! We love this service, we have customers all over the country and our customer service and technical support is all over as well. This service has tied all of that together. Love Halloo!”

Dec, 2010

Ralph Neumann
Inspire Creative, Inc.

“There are a number of reason we love the Halloo service, but most of all we love the technical support and the ease of setting up new users. It’s simple for me to add an extension, or change an extension and once I send them their log-in, most all of our users have no problem setting up their message, greeting, forwarding calls, etc. The second feature which we find so helpful is the ability to change the menus and options for incoming calls. Simple, simple, simple and intuitive. Great service!”

Dec, 2010

Jack Ross
Concise Mobile, Inc.

“I can honestly say I couldn’t expect anything more from Halloo. Being a customer going on two years I have never so much as a hiccup from their service. On the occasion I had a question, their customer support was outstanding. It just works.”

Dec, 2010

Hannah Lee

“I love that Halloo gives me the flexibility to have remote access to all my calls and faxes!”

Dec, 2010

Jody Duncan
The H Group Inc.

“Halloo is the best virtual office attendant available. Halloo allows me to do what I do best and outsource to others what they do best. ”

Dec, 2010

Jordan Dossett

“I do love Halloo and you should too! Halloo saves our sanity. As a small tech company we are always on the go, iPhones in hand and no formal receptionist, Halloo gets our calls to us wherever we are. The easy-to-use web-based interface allows us to create rules and groups to control how and when calls are forwarded and provides simple calling features for those trying to reach us. From receiving voice mail by email to controlling when I am free to take calls, Halloo is a sanity saver.”

Dec, 2010

Sharon Tosten
President, AmeriKick

“The Halloo service is simple, easy-to-use and in the 5 years I have been a customer, I have not had to deal with any technical glitches. It works perfectly every time.””

Dec, 2010

Margaret Kienle
Jefferson Spine Care

“We started our medical practice almost five years ago and at that time signed in with Halloo for our phone and faxes. Without Halloo and their customer service in helping me design a system that works for our practice we would never have been able to create a medical practice that provides a 24 hour service for our patients. We have since set up a satellite office that we go to twice a month and our phones and faxes go were we go. Your support staff has always given their time to help me when I need it. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!”

Nov, 2010

Alec Gagne

“Great Service! Very convenient and affordable.”

Nov, 2010

Regina Thomas
Home Group LLC

“This is a great Service.”

Nov, 2007

Tom Burwell
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“I have enjoyed using the services of Halloo Communications over the last few years.”

Nov, 2007

P. Pierrot
Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation

“Thank you for the great customer service. We are a satisfied customer and we are delighted with the support Halloo provides.”

Jul, 2007

Inka Luoma

“Everyone we've communicated with at Halloo has offered a top notch communications experience. Real people, and real attention.”

Jul, 2007

Suzanne Hauser
Visual Marketing Products

“We've had Halloo for a couple of years now and we love it! No problems...”

Jul, 2007

Steven R. Sheppherd
Check Book IRA

“It's seldom one receives as much business value for the dollar as we have enjoyed with your company.”

Jul, 2007

Steven R. Sheppherd
Checkbook IRA

“Any time we've had questions your staff has been both readily available and knowledgeable.”

Nov, 2005

LA-SPCA Executive Director
Laura Maloney

“Getting our phone lines back in operation is a major step in returning to our pre-Katrina functions… We couldn’t have done this without the help from Halloo Communications, in our time of need. ”

Sep, 2005

Tiffany Reynolds
TGraphix, Ltd.

“[Halloo has] wonderful service. I was set up the same day! I like the virtual feel of being a bigger business; being able to transfer, conference, etc.”

Sep, 2005

Travis Dennis
Sebring Technical Services

“[I really like] the auto attendant. Every business has that functionality; I used to have a regular phone hooked up to an answering machine. Callers can tell when you have that enterprise feel.”

Dec, 2004

Jason Milen
Pro Detail Centers

“That’s what I call great customer service! Thank you for devising a solution so quickly. It’s not often one works with a communications company that develops a custom solution within 24 hours!”

Dec, 2004

Brandon Reid

“You guys rock! Best customer service ever!!!! I have made several changes to my account such as adding new toll free and local numbers and my requests are completed literally within 5 minutes, not just once but 3 times now! Time is money and you guys consistently help me make more!!!! THANK YOU.”

Dec, 2004

Joshua Zola
Ed.S., CBIS, Charleston County School District

“As a school psychologist, I work in 3 different schools across the county. Halloo has allowed me to always remain in contact and has given me one central voice mail and fax number so that I can get all of my messages in one place. The customer service team has also been extremely helpful in customizing my services to fit my needs. Halloo is the best and has truly made my work day easier.”

Dec, 2004

Corey Showers
Home Spun Professionals

“I just wanted to say GREAT JOB! I came from another Virtual PBX service and was severely pissed off with their service. I only had them for one week and couldn't take it any more. Then, I came here and you guys have done nothing but treat me proper and take care of all my needs. Thanks for everything!”

Dec, 2004

Casey Jensen

“When analyzing the cost of leasing equipment versus using Halloo's services, Halloo came out way ahead. Halloo saved me money and added convenience at the same time.”

Dec, 2004

Steve Asson
Maui Mastermind®

“I really appreciate how quickly and how detailed you guys respond to questions. Nice job.”

Dec, 2004

Steve Abraham
Abraham & Kennedy REALTORS(R)

“We're a small office, with a need to compete with big brand name real estate franchises. Halloo helps us to do that by enabling us to provide highly personal service while supporting us with big office capabilities. Halloo has also been extraordinarily dependable. Important calls get through.”

Dec, 2004

Mike Palasick
U.S. Refund Consulting

“The features Halloo Offers really match up well with our business needs. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate our overall experience with Halloo a 10.”

Dec, 2004

R. Silberfeld
Psychiatric Billing Assc.

“I just want to say how pleased I am with the Halloo system. After 10 years in business, my small company now has a big business image that we needed. I also find that I'm not anchored to my phone, returning voice messages when it's convenient to me. Thanks for all your help. ”

Dec, 2004

Robert Woods
Golden County Foods

“Halloo is very easy to setup and use. The implementation was seamless to our existing system. Your services are beneficial for any size company.”