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Unlimited calling*

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Frequently Asked Questions about Halloo Plans

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial period! You will not be charged when you sign up for a new Halloo account. Just cancel before the trial period ends if you decide not to continue. Limit 1 trial account per customer.
Each plan is priced per user, per month. For example, 2 users on a Biz-100 plan would be $9.90/mo. and would include 200 minutes. You would pay an extra $4.95, for a total of $14.85 per month, if you decide to pay on a monthly basis. If you are on an annual plan, then $9.90 would be deducted from your prepaid balance each month. Note that if you add users to an annual plan, a larger amount will be deducted monthly from your balance until it is used up.
You save $59.40 per year for an annual plan. Annual plans automatically renew for another year when your account balance falls below the amount needed to pay for the current month. The payment amount will be based on the number of users on the account at the time of renewal.
Minutes are counted as soon as an incoming call connects to your account or an outbound call is made. Counting stops when all parties to a call hang up. No extra minutes are added for calls that are forwarded to you.
Unlimited calling plans are subject to Halloo's Reasonable Use Policy. In particular, unlimited calling excludes international calling and certain high-tarrif destinations such as 900 numbers, Alaska and Hawaii.
Yes, as long as your account is active and doesn't have an unpaid balance.
Yes, you can port toll-free and US local numbers to Halloo. Transfers can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the releasing carrier.
For local area codes, international callers simply dial your Halloo number. For toll-free numbers, inbound calls are restricted to the US and Canada.