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Enhanced Voicemail
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Consolidate Your Voicemails into One System

Now, voicemail that works for you. Consolidate your voice messages into the Halloo system to reduce the time you spend checking multiple mailboxes and services. You can check, play, and forward your voicemail messages online, without having to pick up the phone!

SMS notification

Get new message notifications on your mobile phone with caller-ID, so that you don’t waste time checking for new messages.

Mobile voicemail

Listen to your Halloo messages through your smart phone’s web browser! Listen to your messages in any order—no need to wade through old messages. Works with any mobile phone’s browser…no need for iPhoneTM envy!

Voicemail to email

Forward your voicemail to your PC via standard email for convenient review and management. Forward voicemail as email to your co-workers and colleagues for efficient and accurate management of messages.

This feature is available with the following Halloo Plans:
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