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Meet-Me Conferences (Optional)

Need the convenience of a scheduled conference call for larger meetings? Halloo Meet-Me Conferences may be added to any Halloo service plan, and permit you to host your own conference calls!

Each Meet-Me Conference room appears as an extension in your Halloo dialplan, permitting convenient scheduling via the My Halloo interface.

You are assigned a private toll-free number for your conference extension, which you keep as long as you are subscribed to the service. Your callers dial in to that number and enter the PIN that you select to join your conferences.

Meetings can be scheduled as a one-time or recurring event.

*Standard Call fee applies to initial call. Each additional participant dialed into the conference incurs charges of 1 plan minute per minute of participation in the conference call.

*Meet-Me Conference capability may be added to any standard Halloo service plan. Please contact Halloo Support to add this feature to your account.

This feature is available with the following Halloo Plans:
Feature: Halloo
Meet-Me Conferences (Optional)   Yes Yes