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Hunt Groups
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Hunt Group Phone Feature for Sales and Support Businesses

Do you need to efficiently route incoming calls to a sales or support team? Hunt Groups allow you to roll incoming calls to members of a team until an available person is found. With Halloo, your hunt groups can include anyone in your account, wherever they are physically located. And each person can individually control their forwarding schedule and whether they are “logged in” to receive calls.


  • Route calls to team members working from home or remote locations. Build a sales or support staff using a distributed team.
  • Create multiple groups to simulate “departments” such as sales, support, and billing. Users can belong to one or more groups and can individually log in and out of a particular group to receive calls.
  • Unlike traditional phone company or PBX based rollover systems, Halloo hunt groups can roll over to users located anywhere, on any phone.


  • Sequential Hunt algorithm sends calls to members in a fixed order. For example, A → B → C. This can be used if calls should be route based on seniority or experience level.
  • Round-Robin Hunt algorithm starts each hunt with a new person, to more evenly distribute the incoming calls. For example, (A → B → C), then (B → C → A), then (C → A → B).
  • Account administrators can set up and configure groups easily through My Halloo. Changes to take effect immediately, allowing you to respond quickly to changes in your organization or team.
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