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Toll-Free Number
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Get a Toll-Free Number for Your Small Business

Toll Free Numbers allow US and Canadian customers to reach you without paying long distance tolls. These numbers currently begin with 866, 877, 888, or 800 (also known as “True 800” numbers). Your Halloo number forwards to any standard telephone, and may be maintained as your company grows and moves.

Enhanced Toll Free

Not just Toll Free, but Enhanced Toll Free. A toll free number is not a “real number” like an ordinary local number. It is simply a pointer to a “real” phone line or service. Traditional toll free services are fixed, in that calls to your toll free connect directly a single local number that you specify when you order the toll free number. Features like find-me follow-me, voicemail, and auto attendants depend on the equipment that you connected to the local line.

With Halloo enhanced toll free, all of those features are built right in. You determine where your calls are forwarded based on your find-me, follow-me rules that you can change at any time. And, when you make outgoing calls using your Halloo account, your customers will see your toll free number as the caller-id, making it more convenient for them to return calls to your business, rather than to your personal local numbers.

Vanity Numbers

Many businesses are known by their unique toll free numbers. Companies like 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-BALLOON as examples. Like a memorable domain name, a unique toll free number can give your business prestige and recognition in your advertising and marketing campaigns. Order a vanity toll free from Halloo today!

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