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Service made simple

Halloo’s phone system comes with its own built in contact management system. Use these tools to predict your customer’s needs before picking up the call. The result? Happier customers.


Built for teams

Put your team on the same page—fast. Sharing features help your team communicate better with each other and your customers.


Ready when opportunity knocks

Save opportunities from getting lost in a mound of Post-It notes. Halloo seamlessly works with your existing phones. Easily add more features and users as your company grows.


Virtual phone numbers

Choose a national toll-free or local area code number anywhere in the USA. Whether your customers are in Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, or San Diego, we’ve got you covered from sea to shining sea.



Up to 3 users, no credit card required

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Plans from $4.95. Toll-free or local number.

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FlexCall Center

Built for the professional call center. From $199.95.

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Small Business Corner


Voice mail is becoming the new snail mail

Jennifer Killian
Small Business Owner and Blogger, San Francisco, CA

80% of callers to businesses hang
up when hearing voice mail.

—Fortune Magazine, 2006 study

Halloo’s communication solutions give you the boost you need to stand out from the competition. The bonus? You’ll have more satisfied and loyal customers too. Here are six ways to use this innovative contact management and virtual phone system to create value for clients.

Turn knowledge into service

Step up your service levels by using pop-up window information with customer’s call history. Put an end to call juggling by routing calls to the right person from the start. Result? A decrease in frustrated hang ups and angry callers, leading to more goodwill and happier customers.

Get more done

Overcome geographic barriers and crazy schedules with the included group share tools. Keep things simple by using phone equipment you already own. No extra hardware or software needed. It’s all hosted in a very reliable cloud. Sharing and simplicity will let you get more done in the same amount of time.

Put minutes back on the clock

Stop time from going down the drain by directing calls appropriately from the start. Free customers from the need to repeat themselves when they reach your company’s representative by taking notes in the pop-up windows. Fewer minutes lost equals higher customer satisfaction.

Become impossible to miss

Your business can be available at any time or any location with auto attendant features. For an added professional touch, organize your team into functional hunt groups. Or, simply forward calls to your existing phones - mobile, office or home. Your company will never be caught with an unanswered line again.

Travel less

With Halloo’s conference features, you’ll be able to instantly loop customers into problem-solving calls. Easily brainstorm with your team on your next project with shared notes and group chat sessions. Collaboration that can be handled virtually means fewer face-to-face business meetings, saving time and money.

Step up to the Major Leagues

Don’t forget that national toll-free or local numbers can sharpen your company’s professional image. Consider adding vanity numbers to give your business that extra punch. And, once those customer calls start coming in, you’ll have all of the communication tools in place to make your dedication to service stand out.

Best of all, it’s free

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