No ordinary phone system

Powerful and intuitive, Halloo fuses seamless customer management with a dynamic virtual phone system. This impressive integration builds collaboration and creates the ultimate value for your callers by arming your team with the ability to turn knowledge into superior customer service.

Total recall

Forget yellow stickies. Enter notes about every call. See follow up actions, comments, and call recordings in one continuous timeline. Instant search and threaded call histories give you the big picture, in real time. For inbound and outbound calls, instantly recall the history of interactions that a particular contact has had with your team, no matter how far back in time.

Customer care is a contact sport

The hundreds or thousands of potential clients you come into contact with need to be nurtured, developed and tracked. You might receive a call one day from someone who identifies themselves only as “Mary”, with a quick question about your product. Two weeks later, another call comes in from Mary with a few more questions. Because past interactions pop up when she calls, further conversations pick up right where they left off.

Service made simple

With Halloo’s phone and contact management system, you’ll have tools to predict customer needs before the conversation begins.

Say goodbye to yellow sticky notes

Is your office phone covered in yellow Post-it® notes? Take notes on your phone conversations so that you never forget a thing. Notes can be added at any time during or long after a call ends.

Live pop-up windows for incoming and outbound calls

Call up the history of conversations with a caller before you answer. Carry on where you left off, even if the last call was months in the past. Recognize important callers and who you can safely ignore.

Live call recordings and voice mail

Voice mail and live call recordings also appear directly in your activity feed so that you can hear your contact in their own words. Great for training and order taking as well.

Fast search

Quickly find past interactions with key clients with the built-in search feature. Search by name, company or phone number.

Integrated contact management

Take down your caller’s name and contact information right in the live call pop-up. You won’t have to leave Halloo to start a separate contact management application.

Real-time ticker

See live calls as they enter your account. Great for supervisors and admins for monitoring call volume and activity.

Built for teams

Improve collaboration by putting all of your team members on the same page—fast. Overcome geographical distance and odd shift hours with included group features.

Who’s on first?

See at a glance who’s logged in to take calls. Great for far-flung teams and irregular shifts. Changes to your groups go live immediately.

Out to lunch?

Single click to accept or block calls from your hunt groups. Save wait time and aggravation by skipping team members who are unavailable.

Immediate call pickup

Live popups show incoming group calls. Pick up calls immediately, even if you’re currently logged out of the group.

Follow group activity

Follow and comment on all calls to your groups. Every conversation is tracked and threaded so you don't miss a thing.

Better accountability

Are you losing sales because of unanswered calls? See who’s picking up and who’s dropping the ball. Adjust staffing and availability as needed.

Live chat

See in real time who is logged in and on a phone call. Group chat to share important updates with your team. “Sales team, remember to mention the 10% discount promo today!”

Ready when opportunity knocks

Eliminate hassles by using Halloo’s tools to have more, and better, interactions with customers. Be up and running in minutes. Plus, as your company grows, Halloo grows with you.

Automated attendant, never takes a break

Route calls quickly and efficiently to your team with easy to setup attendant menus. Record greetings in your own voice or upload professional recordings for a big-company image.

U.S. toll free and local numbers

Choose a local or toll-free dedicated business phone number to separate your business and personal calls. Vanity numbers add an extra level of cachet to your organization. As an added bonus, you will see the caller-IDs for nearly all calls to your toll-free number, even blocked ID callers.

Hunt groups and wait queues

Set up groups to handle your inbound calls. Halloo’s powerful group features make sure that everyone on the team is working from the same page. Choose from round-robin or sequential routing. Hold queues are available with FlexCall plans.

Virtual PBX hold, transfer, conference

Is your call better handled by Barbara in Accounting? Put an end to, “Call her back at NNNN“. Easily set up multiparty instant conferences, blind and consultative transfers.

Find-me, follow-me

Set up multiple forwarding numbers so that you’re never out of touch. Works with the phones you already have: mobile, home, office. Set up scheduled forwarding rules and do-not-disturb hours.

Fax receive

Get your faxes delivered to your Halloo account. Group settings allow you to control who can see and access the fax extensions. Set up multiple extensions for more flexibility.

Halloo mobile keeps you connected

Discover the new Halloo mobile app. Take your business, contacts and conversations wherever you go.
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Download the new Halloo App for your smartphone

Get the Halloo App for Android on Google Play and iOS on the App Store.

Mobile alert

Call alerts with history

Who’s calling? Call alerts with your interaction history and notes give you heads-up for your incoming calls.

Take live notes

Take live notes to share with your team

Forget stickey notes. Jot down important details during your calls to share with your team. Connect with your team for follow-up tasks.

Smart contacts

Share notes, review history and take action

Keep everyone in the loop with shared contacts. Share notes and interaction history with your team.

Track sales and support calls

Track sales and support calls in one place

See all of your recent sales and support interactions at a glance. Share notes with your team, and assign to-do tasks.

Call-ID privacy

Caller-ID privacy

Keep your private phone number private; make business calls with your company’s caller-ID.

Easy, scalable, reliable

Up and running in minutes

Set up a basic account in minutes, complete with hunt groups and customized greetings. Import existing users and contacts from Google Apps for even faster setup.

Works with your existing phones

Halloo forwards calls to your existing landline, home or mobile phone for the highest call quality. No special equipment or software needed.

No minimums, no commits

Start with a basic account, and add features and users as your company grows. Cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Highest reliability in the industry

Other companies can claim high reliability and “no down time”, but Halloo has delivered more than a decade of reliable service. Our record speaks for itself.

Thousands depend on Halloo

Thousands of organizations, small and large, depend on Halloo for their business communications. Sign up today to find out why so many growing companies depend on Halloo to deliver the call.

Top ranked customer care

You can reach a live customer care representative 24x7, 365 days per year. We are dedicated to helping you succeed with Halloo.

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