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Multiple Extensions
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Multiple Extensions for Your Small Business

A Virtual Phone System

Are you a startup with people who work at home or different locations? Are you a church, non-profit or volunteer based organization staffed with member who work part time and with changing schedules?

Halloo makes it easy to set up smart call routing for groups and teams working together from different locations. Each person gets their own extension with individual sign-in, voicemail, and find-me follow-me. Thousands of extensions can be added to a single account, enabling very large groups to work together as if they shared a physical office.


  • Publish a single toll-free or local number and route calls intelligently to team members.
  • Accommodate part-time, work-at-home, and volunteer members with easy user extension setup and administration.
  • Protect the privacy of team members—home and mobile phone numbers are known only by the system, and with scheduled routing, calls outside of work hours route to other members or voicemail.


  • You can create 2-, 3-, or 4-digit extensions to give your organization a “big company” feel.
  • Administrator and user roles give you the ability to easily manage account configuration and setup.
  • Auto attendant with Dial-By-Name, Dial-By-Extension, Dial-By-Address, and Hunt Groups included with every Office, Business VoIP and FlexCall Center package.
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