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Making Outbound Calls

You can use your Halloo service to place outbound calls. There are many reasons why you might do this:

  • Consolidate your long distance expenses by having all of your work-at-home team members use Halloo to make outbound calls.
  • Show your Halloo Caller-ID rather than your private home or mobile phone number when you call out.
  • Use the Halloo address book and Call Control Panel to quickly dial the people you want to reach.
  • Set up multi-party conference calls.

Making Calls Using My Halloo Web

The Live Interactions Panel on the right of the My Halloo page allows you to make outbound calls. Call Control Panel

Begin by ensuring that your Status is set to Online by choosing a valid forwarding location: Office, Home, or Mobile.

Step 1. If you have multiple Halloo phone numbers on your account you can choose which one to use for your outbound caller-ID. You can also toggle whether to use the built-in microphone and speaker on your device to make the call (Use VoIP). If you disable VoIP, the Halloo system will first call your Mobile, Office or Home phone and then connect to your dialed party.

Step 2. Click on the [New outbound call] button.

Step 3. A search box will appear. You can enter one of the following:

  1. Name of a person in your contacts list
  2. A phone number you wish to dial
  3. The name of another user in your account. Prefix the name with "@", for example @barbara

Step 4. Click on one of the auto-complete suggestions in the dropdown menu to to start the call.

You may also click on telephone numbers throughout the My Halloo website, such as in your Contacts database, your Voicemail list, and on the All Extensions page to automatically place or return calls to these numbers.

Making Calls Using My Halloo Dialtone

Dial into the My Halloo Dialtone to place outbound calls from any touch tone telephone. Press “1”, followed by the area code and number of the party you wish to reach. Please consult the My Halloo Dialtone section of this guide if you are unsure how to access this feature.