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Instant Conferences

All Halloo plans include the Instant Conference feature. Any call, whether in-bound or out-bound can be turned into a 3-way, 4-way, …even 6-way conference! There is no need to schedule the session in advance; just use it when you need it.

An instant conference begins just like a call transfer. Press

 — (pound 5)
to reach a secondary dial tone. Dial another company extension or outside phone as with call transfer.

Once the new party answers, press

 — (pound 5)
again to return you and the new party to the original party. You now have a 3-way call. Repeat the process to add a fourth, fifth and sixth party.

While trying to connect a new party, if you reach a busy signal or answering machine, you may drop the new call by dialing:

 — (pound 6)
to return to the ongoing conference. You may also press (pound 6) during a conference call to drop the most recently added party.

Any member of a conference who is part of your company can also add and drop new attendees. Note that a conference will continue to run even if you decide to hang up. Any charges incurred by the conference will accrue to you, even if you have disconnected.

To drop all legs of a conference press:

 — (pound pound)
This will immediately disconnect all participants of the conference.