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How to Transfer a Live Call

Once you are connected to someone through the Halloo system, you have the ability to place the other party on hold, transfer them to another extension, or add additional parties to the call. There are several ways to transfer a live call to another person:

Transfer Using the Touch Tone Keys on Your Phone

To begin a call transfer, tell the person on the line that you are putting them on hold. Then press:

 — (pound 4)

You will hear instructions on how to dial another party. From here, dial:

 <ext.>  — (star 9 x x)
to reach another (2-digit) extension in your company, or
<area-code> <number>

to connect to a phone outside your company. If you do not need to speak with the new party, simply hang up now. This is known as a blind transfer, and the person on hold will be connected with the newly dialed number, whether it’s ringing, busy or answered.

Alternatively, you may remain on the line until the dialed party answers. This is known as a consultative transfer. You may speak with the new party privately to introduce the call. After introducing the transfer, hang up to leave the call and join the remaining parties together, or press

 — (pound 4)

again to complete the transfer. You will be disconnected from the call.

If you reach a busy signal or an answering machine, you may drop the rnew call by dialing:

 — (pound 6)

You will return to your original party.

Transfer via My Halloo

Use the Live Interactions panel in My Halloo to control your calls.

Step 1: Click on the Transfer icon on the live call that you want to hand off to another user or external party.

Step 2: Enter a phone number, name of a contact or the username of another extension to call to begin the transfer. To connect to another user extension in your Halloo account, type the "at" symbol (@) and the name of the user: for example, @barbara.

Step 3: Once you connect to the dialed party, you can hang up or press the transfer button again to complete the transfer. Or, you can remain on the line and speak privately to the party you are transferring the call to before hanging up. This is known as a "consultative transfer".

Transfer Using Your FlexCall Console

For FlexCall Center users:

  1. Let the caller know you are putting them on hold.
  2. Select the active call in your console window by clicking on the caller’s number. When highlighted, this call will turn blue or purple on your Console window.
  3. Click the [Transfer] button on your console to start the transfer process.
  4. Click the Agent, or Contact extension, or type in the telephone number you wish to transfer the all to in the Number box.
  5. Click [Dial].
  6. When the called party answers, let them know you are transferring a call to them.
  7. Click the [Transfer] button again to complete the process.