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How to Use Click-to-Call

Click-to-Call makes it easy for your customers to call you via your email, website or online advertising. Simply copy and paste a special link into your webpage or email to enable your customers to reach you quickly!

Call-Me Button Wizard

The easiest way to generate a Call-Me button is to use the following HTML code wizard.

Step 1: Enter Account-ID and Extension

Account-ID: e.g. busybiz
Ext. name: e.g. jane (Optional)

Step 2: Pick a Call-Me Icon

Style:  Color:  Size: 

Step 3: Preview Your Button

— Please enter your Company-ID above. —

Step 4: Copy and paste the following into your HTML email or web page.


Creating Your Own Links

If you want to have more control over the link or add custom graphics, you can hand craft your own HTML. Simply link to one of the following URLs:

where “c” is the company-id you use when signing in to My Halloo, and “u” is the username for the extension you wish to link to. The username is optional, and if omitted, the lowest extension number in your company will be dialed (e.g. x00); Note that auto attendants can also be specified here. For example:

The first would be a click-to-call link to user extension “mary” in company “busybiz”. The second would be a link to the auto attendant “main” Note that you can publish these links for user extensions even if those extensions do not have DIDs (telephone numbers) assigned to them. This makes it easy for your callers to reach your specific extension without going through the auto attendant.

Using Click-to-Call in E-Mail and Online Advertising

Simply including the above http URL in your e-mail footers and many on-line advertising systems and web forums will be enough to generate an automatic hyperlink to the click-to-call system. Many such systems will detect the “https:” and automatically turn it into a clickable link.

Publish the URL on Your Website

You can embed the click-to-call URL on any standard web page like so:

<a href="https://www.halloo.com/?c=busybiz" >Talk to Busy Biz Now!</a>

Note that you can embellish the link by opening a new window:

<a href="https://www.halloo.com/?c=busybiz"
   target="_blank" >Talk to Busy Biz Now!</a>
or adding graphics:
<a href="https://www.halloo.com/?c=busybiz"
   target="_blank" ><img src="click2call.gif"></a>

Receiving Calls

Your callers will be prompted to enter their phone number into a web form and click on a “Call” button to start the call. The Halloo system will first call their telephone, and once connected, will dial your (Halloo) extension at your current find-me, follow-me location. If the URL points to your auto attendant extension, your caller will be connected immediately there. Standard inbound rates will apply depending on your service plan.