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The FlexCall Center solution is a complete package designed for small to medium size call centers and help desks. In this chapter you will learn how to configure your hold queues, use the agent and supervisor consoles for live call monitoring control, manage your audio library for customized delay announcements, and analyze reports about your call history and agent performance.

Smart Queuing

The FlexCall Center queues feature standard order-of-arrival delivery of calls to your agents with “Class of Service” (CoS) prioritization available for callers to different queues.

Agents can be selected based on a number of criteria including, longest idle, sequential, and round robin. Agents may make themselves available or unavailable to take calls, and given automatic “wrap-up time” to be exempt from new calls for a fixed period after a previous call.

Music on Hold

When your callers have to wait, give them something to listen to! You can program play lists of audio snippets, including special instructions, promotional advertisements and music.

Live Call Console

The Agent and Supervisor Call Consoles give you and your agents real time control of connected calls and calls in queue. More powerful than the My Halloo Call Control Panel, the Agent Console permits calls to be taken from queue, placed on hold, transferred, and conferenced directly from the Console web screen. No complicated key strokes to memorize.

Reporting & Analytics

Fine tune your call center with agent and call reports. Analyze numbers of abandoned calls, answered calls, call duration, and more to get a handle on how you can improve your service level.