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Transfer Toll Free Numbers to Halloo

Changing the Resporg For Your Existing Toll Free Numbers

To port your current toll free number from another carrier or service provider to Halloo, you must complete a “RESPORG” form. A Resporg is the “Responsible Organization” which manages service for your toll free number. This is generally a long distance carrier such as AT&T or Qwest.

To move your existing number(s) to Halloo, do the following:

1. Fill in the following information. These fields must match your current bill exactly. Improper or incomplete information can delay or prevent your number from transferring to Halloo.

Account ID:
Contact Name:
Toll Free #1:  Current carrier:
Toll Free #2:  Current carrier:
Toll Free #3:  Current carrier:

2. Download and print the RESPORG Number Transfer Form.

3. Sign and initial both pages the form as follows:

RespOrg forms

4. Fax both pages of the form along with the summary page of your most recent bill for these numbers to Halloo. The bill must display your name and number, the current carrier’s name, service address, and account balance. Also, the bill must not be older than 30 days. Fax the information to (866) 388-2146.

Depending on the releasing carrier, this process may take 15 business days or longer. Continue to pay your current carrier until you have confirmation that the number has ported to Halloo.