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Billing FAQs

What is “Double-Leg” billing and does Halloo use it?

With FlexCall Center, Halloo Office and Halloo Solo plans, you never pay for forwarded calls! Some call forwarding services charge you twice for a forwarded call. I.e., you get charged for calls to your toll-free number, and then charged again for calls to your final destination. This is known as “double-leg” billing. Halloo only charges you once for each call, regardless of how it’s forwarded.

Do I use up minutes checking or configuring my voicemail?

Yes. You use connect minutes whenever you are connected by phone to the service. Of course, access to your account over the Web and Halloo.mobi is always free.

Do my unused included minutes roll over or disappear each month?

With all of our current plans, unused included minutes do NOT roll over.

What will happen if I use up all the included minutes in my account?

After you use up all the included minutes in your account, you will be billed for calls at a rate determined by your service plan. Halloo will charge your credit card for any additional minutes used, rather than disabling calls to your account. Note: you should not depend on the credit limit for your account to limit your call expenses, as this limit is subject to change.