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How do I receive faxes?

To receive faxes, you must add a fax extension to your account.
Add a Fax Extension

  1. Go to the Administration tab at the top of the My Halloo page.
  2. Click on the green button to open the New Extension menu.
  3. Choose Add Fax

As with other types of extensions, you will choose a new unique extension number and name for your new fax line. For example: ext. 99, “salesfax”.

Once you submit the New Fax... form, Halloo will assign you a new phone number for the extension. This number is separate from your main voice number. You may add multiple fax lines as needed.

Incoming faxes are billed at 1 minute per page.

As with all other Halloo numbers you can received more than one call at a time. You fax number will not ring busy. This can be a great advantage for a busy office.