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The Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Love Halloo for Google Apps

  1. Up and running in minutes with existing users and groups
  2. Flexible hunt groups route calls quickly and efficiently
  3. Unlimited auto attendant menus and sub-menus for money saving information hotlines
  4. Toll-free number for big company, professional image
  5. Highest reliability in the industry

How Much $$$ Does Your Sales Leave on the Table Each Month?

  • 55% of customer callers to small businesses do not leave a message.
  • The average small business misses approximately 14 calls per week.
  • 12.5% of missed calls are actually lost potential sales.

Real Customers.
Real Success.

Feb, 2012

Regina Scully
Customer Service, CarePlus Financial

“Love the service--very easy and flexible to use!”

Feb, 2012

Timothy Goodwin
Owner, Watershed Cabins

“I have used Halloo to run my vacation rental business for several years. The rich features and flexibility of Halloo…”   Full story»

Halloo for Google Apps works with your existing telephones

Halloo can route calls to your mobile, office or home telephone. Work from anywhere with find-me, follow-me, voice mail to email, and fax to email features.

Up and running in minutes

Halloo is easy to set up, allowing you to be up and running in just minutes. Directly import your Google Apps users and groups to Halloo. Google Apps makes it simple to send email to groups like “[email protected]”, now Halloo lets you route calls to those same groups!

Flexible hunt groups for you and your organization

Configure your hunt groups to route calls to your sales and support staff using sequential or round-robin hunt. Users can selectively block / accept calls from hunt groups so that calls get through quickly. Roll over from your own agents to the Halloo Receptionist for 24x7 live operator backup.

Enhance your image with a toll-free 800 number

Project a big company image with a Halloo toll-free number. Pick a great number from our inventory of 800, 888, 877, 866 and now 855 numbers to get started immediately.

Or, if you want a more customized feel, get a memorable vanity number for your business. We also have local area code numbers in most U.S. cities.

Make voicemail a thing of the past

The average small business line misses 14 calls per week. 55% of callers do not leave a voicemail. Now, have your phone answered 24x7 by a professional assistant when you can’t pick up. Our U.S. based receptionists answer each call professionally and courteously according to your instructions, while providing you with accurate callback information immediately via email. Just $1.80 per call. No monthly minimum.

30-day FREE trial

Try Halloo FREE for 30 days with your Google Apps account. See how easy it is to get up and running with the most powerful cloud based phone system in the industry and join the thousands of businesses who rely on Halloo for their business communications.

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Halloo Features

Small Business Corner


Why a Cloud Based Phone System is
Great for Small Business

Pierre Roustan
Small Business Owner and Author, Grand Rapids, MI

Over 4 million businesses have moved to the cloud with Google Apps.
—Fortune Magazine, 2006 study

Hosted phone systems are now the preferred choice of small businesses. Business phone systems have long struggled to free themselves of being expensive to customize and difficult to implement. As users, we’ve endured decades of phone systems whose interfaces made it unclear how to transfer a call without reading a manual. As hosted, or SaaS based phone systems have made dents into the market, it’s become easier and more viable for small business owners to have business telephony.

For many, moving their workfoce software to Google Apps™ makes sense. Similarly, small businesses (and large enterprises) have decided that moving their workforce productivity applications “to the cloud” makes economic sense, and thus go from traditional software deployments to the Google Apps platform. What if you could combine the two?

By leveraging the groups, contacts, and productivity tools built into Google Apps, small and medium sized businesses can quickly create telephony work-flows that allow for quick pivots in business models, teams, and campaigns. For example:

Remote workers that are part of your Google Apps accounts can easily be given extensions from the main company number, or acquire a local number for sales and marketing purposes. They can easily appear as a natural extension of the company office phone system while being anywhere in the country with just their cell phone.

New sales or advertising campaigns can be assigned their own telephone number from Halloo as either local or toll free numbers, then have extensions to anyone in your company

who’s also on Google Apps—within minutes. Certain sales or support reps could be assigned to a campaign and be take calls the very minute a Google Adwords pay per click campaign or an email newsletter goes live.

Phone Analytics

It’s always amazed me how many professionals (myself included) scrutinize our website analytics but often overlook our phone call statistics:

How many calls do you miss from customers each day? What are the average times of day people call? What are the numbers of the calls I’ve missed? What percentage of my customers actually leave voicemails?

With Halloo for Google Apps, obtaining critical operational insights into you phone work-flow is granular enough but easy to understand.