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Affordable 346 Area Code Numbers for Your Business

Area code 346 is a well-known telephone area code that covers the Houston, Texas region. In this article, we will explore the history, geographic coverage, economic impact, cultural significance, and future of area code 346.

346 Area Code

Area codes were first introduced in 1947 to improve the efficiency of the telephone system in the United States. An area code is a three-digit number that identifies a specific geographic region and is used in combination with a seven-digit phone number to make a call. The significance of area code 346 lies in its association with the Houston, Texas region, which is home to many businesses, cultural institutions, and tourist attractions.

History and Geography of Area Code 346

346 area code history

Area codes were first introduced in the United States in the 1940s. They were created to help automate the process of dialing long-distance calls. At that time, only a handful of area codes were in use, and they covered large geographic regions. Area code 713 was the first in the southeastern quadrant of Texas.

By 1983, population growth required that 713 be split, and area code 409 was born. Only the immediate Houston metro area retained the original 713 code, while the outlying regions were reassigned to 409. In 1996, 731 split again, and Houston suburbs outside of Beltway 8 were reassigned to area code 281.

Further growth in the region depleted Houston of new numbers, so in 1999, a new area code, 832, was added. The 713 and 281 boundary was removed, and all three codes served Houston and its suburbs.

Most recently, in 2014, a fourth overlay was added: area code 346. This added over 31,000,000 new numbers to the area.

Location of 346 area code

Houston, TX
Houston, Texas

Area code 346 covers the southeastern area of Texas, including Harris, Brazoria, Galveston, and Fort Bend Counties. The largest city in the area is Houston, which is fourth largest city in the US by population. Other cities in the region include Pasadena, Atascocita, Baytown, Bryan, College Station, Galveston, League City, Pearland, Spring, Sugar Land, and Texas City.

The region has a population of over 2 million people and is known for its diversity, with a mix of ethnicities and cultures represented.

346 area code time zone

Area code 346 is located in the US Central time zone. The current time in area code 346 is:

Economic Impact of Area Code 346

The Houston region is home to a diverse range of businesses and industries, including energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. Many of these companies are headquartered in the central part of Houston covered by area code 346, making it a hub for commerce and trade. The local economy is also impacted by the presence of several world-renowned institutions, including the Texas Medical Center and NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Notable companies headquartered in the region include ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, Sysco, and Waste Management.

Culture and Attractions in Area Code 346

Local culture and events

The region is also known for its diverse culture and events, including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Houston International Festival, and the Art Car Parade.

Tourist attractions in the area code 346 region include the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Houston Zoo.

New restaurants of 2023 in area code 346

For 2023, notable up and coming, greater Houston restaurants include:

  • PS-21 (346-571-8988) is a new French restaurant in the Heights that offers a modern take on classic French cuisine. The menu features dishes like steak frites, escargot, and duck confit.
  • Urban Bird Hot Chicken (346-428-1010) is a new Nashville hot chicken restaurant in Midtown that serves up some of the best hot chicken in the city. The menu features dishes like hot chicken sandwiches, tenders, and sliders.

Future of Area Code 346

As technology continues to advance, it is possible that changes to the area code system may be necessary. It is unclear what impact these changes would have on area code 346 and the surrounding region. Despite having four area codes in the region, forecasts for the region call for a fifth area code to be added, possibly as soon as 2026.

Benefits of an Area Code 346 Number for a Small Business

If own a business or are thinking of starting one in the Houston area, having a 346 phone number can provide several benefits. The first is, local presence. Having a local phone number with an area code that is recognizable to residents of the region can help small businesses establish a local presence and build trust with potential customers.

Another benefit is marketing advantage: Using a local phone number with an area code 346 in advertising and marketing materials can help small businesses target customers in the region and increase brand recognition.

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