Why Employees Love Cloud Based Phone Systems

Your employees will love the addition of a cloud based phone system like Halloo. The many different tools this one investment brings are amazing. With an auto attendant, contact management system, voicemail, the ability to add local and toll-free numbers and more, it gives your team every advantage a more expensive call management service could.

Promote Collaborative Efforts

Cloud based phone systems promote collaboration between all team members. The contact management aspect of the system is there to give you instant access to valuable information on contacts, but also provide a place for you to document notes and precious data from each contact. When this information is available, any employee can answer calls effectively from that contact and continue with the work that has already been started.

collaboration in cloud

Improve Efficiency

Calls get answered more efficiently when routed through the auto attendant aspect of your automated phone system. This allows callers to be directed to the correct individual on your team the first time. This ensures that time is not wasted trying to find someone who handles what the customer is looking for. Instead the right person is always providing the information they know best. If you can’t help a customer that reaches you, transferring the call is simple with the automated phone system.

Efficiency makes a huge difference when it comes to the bottom line. Adding an automated phone system gives you an easy-to-use streamlined system that allows you to work smarter.

Improve Customer Service

With the customer relationship management aspect of a cloud based phone system, the customer service your employees offer is better than ever. Because the online database of information exists about each and every customer and lead, an employee quickly knows where to start from each and every time. This ensures excellent customer service.

Eliminate Overwhelm After Time Away

No matter what their reason for being away from the office, a cloud based phone system ensures that coming back is not overwhelming. By setting up your system to redirect to another employee if one is unavailable, customers get prompt attention and employees who are out of the office do not come back to an overload of messages. And when an employee is available to work remotely, a cloud based phone system allows them to do so from anywhere.

Protect Important Information

With an automated phone system, all your customer data is backed up in the cloud. That means that employees don’t have to worry about downtime in the case of extreme weather. Even if disaster strikes, a business can be up and running in no time with a computer and a phone. This provides job security that appeals to employees and exceptional customer service that appeals to clients.

Virtual phone systems such as Halloo are the investment that every business should make. Whether you are a small business looking to appear bigger, or a bigger business looking to work smarter, your employees will thank you for this choice. Get a cloud-based phone system now and be ready for the successful future that lies ahead.