Halloo Case Study: Jefferson Spine Care’s Improvements

Jefferson Spine Care in Mount Shasta, California is an orthopaedic spine clinic that offers a variety of services relating to the back and spinal column, including artificial disc replacement surgery as well as surgeries relating to back, hip and leg issues. With health care taking a new forefront all over the United States, Jefferson Spine Care is offering the means to improve and repair the center of all human life, the spine.

But as Jefferson Spine Care looked to grow, they quickly began to realize that their communications systems were going to need substantial upgrading, and while previously, they used a land line phone and fax combination to handle their needs, it rapidly looked like it wasn’t going to be enough to do the job. And so, Jefferson Spine Care turned to Halloo, to provide upgrades for their phone systems via a set of new cloud-based services.

Less Paper, More Locations

Following their upgrade, Jefferson Spine Care found itself able to perform a variety of newfound functions, including the management of received faxes that often needed to be checked and rechecked to gain pertinent facts, as well as developing their EMR system, the Electronic Medical Record system, the essential lifeblood of any medical practice, to the point that it no longer required paper documents to operate. It was even in line with a variety of standards enforced by regulators.

Moreover, Jefferson Spine Care was able to open, operate and maintain fully two locations, expanding from their original sole location, by virtue of a system that allowed them much smoother and more streamlined operations.

“It created a more efficient working environment.”

Expansion, Effectiveness, Efficiency

Expansion, effectiveness, and efficient operations–such was the reward of introducing the Halloo Business Digital Fax Service to the operations at Jefferson Spine Care, with documents able to be stored and accessed, all without paper. Cost savings, streamlined operations, and greater efficiency levels were all part of the package.

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