Increase Access with Hunt Groups

Ever feel that more and more people are not listening to their voicemails? The hustle and bustle of life has gotten so hectic, a businessperson could save 30 minutes a day by erasing every voicemail left during the day! But, if you’re a small-business entrepreneur, erasing is not an option! You need to make sure you’re in contact with your clients and that means listening and responding to your messages. It’s absolutely crucial.

Halloo can help reduce the number of calls that go to voicemail through a solution called ‘hunt groups.’  Chances are that as a member of a small businesses, you’re frequently traveling by car or plane, or simply on the move from business to business.

What happens when you have clients calling and leaving messages at your main office while you’re not there? A full-time receptionist based out of your primary location is not necessarily an option. That’s what a hunt group is for. It’s a feature utilized by phone systems, such as Halloo, that allows any client to call the business phone number and immediately get transferred to wherever you happen to be — with the use of your cell phone.

Hunt groups can direct calls to your cell phone.

Hunt groups can direct calls to your cell phone.

Think of it as an ‘automatic transfer.’ Get the calls directly and be more readily available to your consumer.

In this small business world, it’s essential to be accessible and available as often as possible when there’s an incoming call. You can’t be reached in absolutely every situation (for example, when you’re in a meeting), but you can increase the odds dramatically by not having your phone ring in an empty office. You’ll still need voicemail capabilities and there will still be calls that you need to return. But, a hunt group can help you interact with more customers promptly and directly. While this solution won’t negate having to listen to voicemail ever again, it will help reduce the number of missed calls due to the mobile nature of most small business team members.

Stop losing calls and customer confidence. Simply set up phone systems features that support your business lifestyle.

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Pierre contributed to this article.