Introducing Live Call and Chat Control in My Halloo

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of live call and chat controls to My Halloo. You will be able to receive and place calls directly through your browser using the build-in audio of your laptop or device.

Live call and chat control in My Halloo

Simply open the Live Interactions pane on the right side of your My Halloo window. Click on the small arrow [<] icon at the right edge of the window if it is currently hidden. When open, you will see all live calls and chats in your account in real time.

Placing outbound calls

You can make outbound VoIP calls through your browser, or have the system set up a call through your standard phone line. If you have multiple Halloo numbers, you can choose which to use for your outbound caller-ID, or choose to be anonymous. If you use your device or laptop for video conferences, you should be all set for live calls through Halloo.

Managing inbound calls and chats

Inbound calls can be tracked as they enter your account and route through your hunt groups. You can pick up calls directly from a hunt group as soon as they appear in the Queued calls list. This drastically improves the response time for organizations with large hunt groups. You can also answer any incoming call directly on your device by clicking on the headset icon. Live calls can also be placed on hold or terminated.

Live chats also appear in the queued list. The first agent to click on a queued chat will be connected directly to your website visitor.

Contact management and collaboration

Click on any interaction block to pull up the details in the main pane. You will be able to take notes and comments, update contact information, and review past interactions before or during your call. If an inbound call or chat was routed through a hunt group, all members of the group will be able to share your comments and notes.

Manage live interactions with My Halloo

What are you waiting for? Log in to My Halloo and manage your customer interactions more efficiently than ever before.