10 Actionable Ways Call Recording Can Help Your Small Business

How can call recording help your small business?

  1. Increase customer satisfaction – Recording calls will allow you to reward exceptional customer service. It also provides the opportunity to diffuse customer issues before they escalate.
  2. Provide training material – Examples of good, bad, and unusual calls can be shared during training sessions with new employees as well as during team meetings.
  3. Increase accuracy – One of the primary areas for errors is in documenting information that is conveyed via the phone. With the call recorded, team members can review shipping information and order quantities before submitting final order requests.
  4. Create opportunities for continuous improvement – Selectively reviewing calls will allow you opportunities to have ongoing discussions about processes, procedures, and protocol with employees.
  5. Meet regulatory requirements – Many industries now require recording of phone conversations. With call recording features, these regulations can be met, without adding addition equipment or hassle.
  6. Reduce areas of corporate and personal liability – By documenting phone calls, there is an accurate history of what was said by both parties. This can be helpful when handling customer disputes.
  7. Provide insight into call volume and staffing levels – By recording calls, you’ll be able to determine the call volume at various times of the day and see if you have adequate staff to meet your customers’ needs.magnifying glass
  8. Monitor marketing and advertising initiatives – Determine marketing and advertising success by monitoring volume by area code or incoming phone line. In addition, you could have team members inquire about which campaigns compelled your customers to take action.
  9. Create input for commonly asked questions – Looking to create a bank of commonly asked questions for your website to help customers solve problems on their own? Use call recordings to find the most frequent questions.
  10. Document and diffuse threatening calls – Sadly, regardless of type of business, threatening calls may be made at some point. With documentation from call recordings, you can determine how to resolve and when to refer complaints and threats.

Which use of call recording would be the most beneficial for your organization? Please share your thoughts below.

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