Benefits of Mobile Voicemail

Mobile Voicemail

Some people take mobile voicemail for granted, but it can be an extremely useful tool to salespeople and support teams.  Consider the benefits…

  • Ease of Use –The advancement of technology comes with the improvement of telecommunications.  You don’t need to listen to a voicemail to know who is calling.
  • Timely – Instead of having to be at your computer in the office to receive your voicemail, you can get the message anytime, anywhere on your phone.
  • Organized – Using the dashboard, you can keep voicemails in your Inbox and see which are new.  You can also forward any voicemails to coworkers.
  • Customer Friendly – Ease of use, timeliness and organization leads to better customer service which can lead to retention and new customers.

Of course, without the advantages of a virtual phone system like My Halloo, your mobile voicemail won’t have all of the benefits listed above.  Ask yourself: would you improve your place of business with a more robust mobile voicemail?