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How do I leave myself a voicemail?

Ordinarily, the Halloo system will route you directly to the My Halloo Dialtone menu when you call yourself from one of your pre-programmed numbers (e.g. Home, Office or Mobile). This provides you with convenient access to your Halloo features, including listening to your voice messages or changing your call forwarding preferences.

If you wish to leave yourself a message, and not jump directly to the My Halloo Dialtone, you must temporarily disable your caller-ID on the telephone you are using to call Halloo. On most US phone systems, simply dial ‘*67’, then your Halloo phone number. This will temporarily disable caller-ID on your phone, and allow you to reach your voicemail recording prompt.

Alternatively, you may permanently disable the detection of your own caller-id for My Halloo Dialtone, by doing the following:

  1. Click on Settings, then choose the Forwarding tab.
  2. Un-check the Connect to Halloo Dialtone when I call in option
  3. Click on the [SAVE] button to save your changes.