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The Top Reasons Our Customers
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  • Call center solution with no hardware, software or switching costs—ever
  • Set-up and deploy your full-function call center in an afternoon
  • Responsive support and assistance
  • 100% web-based hosted system
  • Low monthly cost per agent
  • Highest reliability in the industry

Cloud-Based, Hosted
Call Center Solution

Agent Console

Only Halloo delivers live call control through a Rich Internet Application, requiring no plug-ins or additional software. The Web-based Agent Console shows the status of active and queued calls, displays the log-in and on-phone status of other agents, and allows agents to pick-up, drop, transfer, conference, or reject calls. Supervisors can also monitor or join calls as needed.

Considering a hosted phone system for the first time? Learn what factors you should consider before choosing a service for your business.

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Jul, 2013

Ed Romanoff
Production Manager, Just Off Broadway, Inc.

“We've been thrilled with Halloo since our not-for-profit theater company needed phone and voicemail service in…”   Full story»

Jul, 2013

Michael Lewin

“I use Halloo in a variety of ways for my business.  I have auto attendant set up and my phones forward to Halloo…”   Full story»

The Web-Based Way to Increase Productivity and Decrease the Expense of Running Your Call Center

Halloo Communications FlexCall Center eliminates the major obstacles and expenses involved in establishing, managing, and expanding the call center function for companies that require 4 or more active agents.

A full-featured, completely hosted solution that grows with you

All you need is your Internet browser. Installation is virtually instantaneous (and our support technicians are ready to guide you through the simple process). You never have any expensive hardware to purchase. There is no complicated software to download and no software upgrades to manage. Halloo manages upgrades, growth and capacity, so you never have to worry about maintenance costs or outgrowing your system.

Design or reconfigure your call center the way you want, when you want

Set-up and operation of your call center can be done using either your browser or a telephone—we've taken the complication out of implementation. Being Web-based also allows you to rapidly form and manage your team regardless of location. The system routes calls efficiently to your agents at their own phone lines, wherever they may be. You can reconfigure, monitor, and manage your team on-the-fly from anywhere—all you need is an Internet connection.

Simple to use

This is no repackaged, off-the-shelf product. Halloo Communications has built this industry-leading solution from the ground up. We have drawn on the experiences of thousands of users to provide a Rich Internet Application and intuitive user interface that sets a new standard in the industry for ease of use.

Rock solid reliability

FlexCall Center™ is designed to provide the highest level of reliability in the industry. The application is built on top of the industry's most reliable software platforms. We're tied into the major tier-1 networks and offer triple redundancy by running at multiple data centers. In addition, our technicians monitor the system 24/7 to anticipate and handle any issues that could potentially arise—assuring maximum up-time.

See for yourself

The best way to fully appreciate the ease of use, flexibility of administration, and freedom from the hassles or expenses associated with a traditional call center, is to experience a demo and see for yourself.

Plans start at $199.95 per month for one supervisor and three agent seats, three queues, and two mailboxes. The basic plan includes 1,000 prepaid plan minutes (usable from and to the 48 US states). Additional agent seats are available for $19.95 per month and supervisor seats are $24.95 per month. Out-of-plan minutes are 3.9 cents per minute. All call center plans have a $150 setup fee. Changes to your plan may incur a change fee.

Contact the Halloo Service Center to speak with one of our advisors for more information. The plan is expandable as your company grows agent by agent.

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Learn more about Call Center terminology and how incoming calls are managed in a typical call center »

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Halloo Features

Tech Talk

Typical Call Center

Anatomy of a typical call center

To better understand the terminology associated with the FlexCall system, lets take a look at a typical call center setup. Callers enter your system through one or more Toll-Free or Local telephone numbers. An Auto Attendant provides initial routing, to transfer callers to the appropriate Queue.

Callers wait in queue until an Agent becomes available to answer the call. Agents may specialize in one type of call, or may be cross-trained to take calls from multiple queues. A Supervisor is a special agent who has the ability silently monitor or actively join in to live calls in the system. Life cycle of an inbound ACD call

Life cycle of an inbound ACD call

The life cycle of an inbound call consists of the following segments:

All calls are initially answered by an auto attendant, which directs callers to different queues or departments. For example a caller pressing “1” might be routed to the Sales Queue.

The second step is queuing. This is an optional step, as calls are delivered immediately if agents are logged in and available. If all agents are busy, the call will wait in queue until it can be delivered. The caller will hear the pre-programmed delay announcements consisting of company promotions, general instructions, or music. If there are no agents logged in to take the call, the system will route the call to another extension or voice mail box, as configured in the queue settings.

The third step is to deliver the call to the next available agent and alert her by ringing her phone. During this time, the caller perceives that he is still in the queue and continues to hear the delay music. If the agent fails to answer the call, it is placed back on queue for delivery to the next available agent.

If the agent answers the call, he will be connected with the caller and free to talk, put the caller on hold, transfer the call to another extension, etc. This entire time is counted as the Talk Time of the call.

Finally, once the call ends, a rest period known as the Wrap-Up Time begins. During this time the agent may take care of chores relating to the just completed call, such as updating a CRM database. During wrap-up, the system will not deliver new calls to that agent.

Your business looks this empty when you don't answer a customer call

How many customer service reps do I need?

Proper staffing is an important factor in providing good customer service. Fortunately, the number of reps you’ll need for your queues can be calculated easily. Nearly a century ago, Danish mathematician Agner Krarup Erlang formalized the science of traffic engineering and queueing theory to come up with the optimal number of representatives needed for any given situation. Factors that go into the Erlang traffic model include average length of call, number of calls per hour, desired service level, and average wait time. Example suggested staffing levels based on the “Erlang C” formula follow:

Number of calls (hourly)102060
Avg. length call (mins)333
Wrap-up time after each call (mins) 111
Wait time (secs)202020
Service level80%80%80%
Agents needed234