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Screen Pops

A Screen Pop is a window which opens on your agents’ computer when a call related event, such as the arrival of an incoming call, occurs. The new window is created by the Agent Console which opens to a URL that you configure. This URL is typically a pointer to a web based CRM database record containing information relating to the person calling you.

In order to use this feature, you must have, or subscribe to a web based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Typically, you will open a customer record based on his telephone number, so you must determine the appropriate URL in your system that accomplishes this. This might be a “search” page or script that allows you to specify a search key like “telephone number”. For example, it may look like:


Notice that the telephone number is supplied as an argument to the search.cgi script. Your system will differ from this example.

Creating a New Screen Pop Rule

Screen pops are configured globally, for all queues and agents. To create a new screen pop rule, open the All Extensions → Screen Pops page.

Create a new screen pop

Click [New Screen Pop] to open a form to create and edit the new rule. You will be able to create a separate rule for six different events:

  • Inbound ring — An inbound call is ringing an agents
  • Inbound missed — An inbound call was missed by an agent
  • Inbound answered — An inbound call is connected to an agent
  • Inbound released — An inbound call has completed
  • Outbound dialing — An outbound call is being dialed
  • Outbound released — An outbound call has completed

Configure new screen pop

Give the screen pop rule a descriptive name, and type in the URL as required by your CRM system. The Halloo console will perform the following substitutions in the URL you specify:

  • %a — Insert the ANI (caller-id) of the call
  • %d — Insert the DNIS (dialed number) of the call
  • %q — Insert the Queue name from which the call was delivered

For example the following expansion takes place for an incoming call from 12125550123:

→ http://www.example.com/crm/search.cgi?tel=12125550123
You can also give the popup window a window name and screen location. Doing so will insure that your popups open into the same window for each new call, rather than opening blank windows for each new call.

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