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General FAQs

Can I accept international calls to my toll free number?

It is not possible to accept international calls to a toll free number. This is a restriction that is universal in the U.S. public phone system.

Can I forward inbound calls to an international number?

At this time it is not possible to forward your calls to an international number. Please check back with us soon, as we may be offering this service in the near future.

Can I get a local phone number in addition to my toll-free number?

Currently Halloo offers a limited selection of local numbers for Virtual Office services. Please contact Halloo Customer Care if you require a local area code. For FlexCall accounts, please contact Halloo to locate a Certified Agent in your area.

Can I use one of my existing phone numbers as the Halloo phone number?

Yes! You can transfer an existing Toll Free number to your Halloo Service. Local number can be transferred to FlexCall accounts only. Contact Halloo Customer Care for further details.

Will I be able to keep any phone numbers assigned to me if I cancel?

Any toll free or local numbers assigned to your account (with the exception of a requested vanity number) are the property of Halloo Communications and are non-transferable. Upon cancellation of service, the assigned numbers are retained by Halloo Communications.

If you acquired a vanity number or transferred your existing Toll-free number to your Halloo service, you may request a number transfer to another carrier. Please refer to the Terms of Service for information on transferring numbers away from Halloo.