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How do I record audio for the Auto Attendant?


When you create a new menu in your Auto Attendant, you will have the opportunity to enter the text of your greeting in the setup form.

Sign in as an administrator and select an auto attendant, such as the ext-00 extension from the Administration page.

Click on the Edit (pencil) button of the menu you wish to update.

Menu text
to speech

That text message will automatically generate computer synthesized audio, which will be played to your callers. This gives you an instant preview for the flow of your menu system as you develop it.

Later, you can choose to record the audio greeting in your own voice, and replace the synthesized version.

Recording Menu Audio

You can easily record audio greetings using the built-in microphone on your computer or tablet. Choose a menu that you wish to make the recording for.
Record menu audio

Open the ⤒ (Upload) menu and choose the Record new message option to make the recording using your local device. Follow the prompts to start and end the recording.

You can also have Halloo call you on your telephone to make the recording in case your computer does not have a built-in microphone. For best results, we recommend that you use a standard “land-line” telephone for the highest quality audio. Note that this feature will incur standard plan charges, so you may wish to prepare a written script ahead of time to facilitate your recording.

Finally, you can also upload a pre-recorded audio file from your computer directly to Halloo. We recommend that you prepare your audio in MP3 or WAV format.