Review: IVR Systems for Small Businesses, an Invaluable Viable Resource

Clever, huh? That’s what IVR stands for, for me — Invaluable Viable Resource. No, really, it actually means “Interactive Voice Response.” What the heck do I know, right?

Hopefully, a lot — as this particular article’s going to tell you some of the logistic philosophy surrounding the concept of Interactive Voice Response within a company

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Review: Facebook Check-in Deals Checks In While the Regular “Deals” Check Out

It’s what they called Evander Holyfield when he became a boxing god: the “Real Deal.” These days, that’s what it’s all about — deals, deals, and more deals. Look around.

You’ve got FourSquare, all the Groupons you can stuff in your pocket, and the archaic but ever still effective paper coupons you get from the weekly newspaper! Does it ever stop?

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Three Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Tablet PC

With Amazon about to release the new Kindle,  this has left a lot of small business owners wondering if it may not be the right time to pick up a tablet. And in many cases, a tablet PC can be good for owners. Under what circumstances is a tablet right for you? Well, that depends largely on personal factors, but we can give you three good scenarios right here.

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