Filemagnet: A Review of this Magnetic App!

FileMagnet – Filesharing is a breeze with this app! See and receive files securly and easily! But at $4.99  is it the best for you?

Rating: 3 Stars.

What it does: Allows for filesharing between various devices over a wireless connection.

Cost: $4.99 in the AppStore.



I carry my iPhone with me absolutely everywhere. There are numerous times where I think “If I could look at the pdf, this would be a lot simpler.” Now you can have all of your work files on the go! Filemagnet allows you to transfer files between your Apple devices and your computer over secure wireless networks. It supports multiple types of files including PDF, Office, iWork, JPEG, GIF, TXT, iPhone and iPad compatible movies and audio files, and much more! All you need is a quick and free download onto your computer and let the filesharing begin!



Why I like it: I have several documents stored on my iPhone at all times. iBooks is my main source. What appealed me so much to this App is how many files it supports in the transfer. Everything from Office documents to a video I took on my iPhone can be shared seamlessly. This is the best filetype compatibility that I have seen.

I also like that you can transfer whole folders over the connection. The ease of knowing you are getting everything you need without transferring individual files one by one is almost enough for me!

I also like that you can email over files between the App. If you are not in a compatible connection or need something in a hurry, files can be shared in the email and opened for viewing in the App.

Lastly, it now has a password protection feature to keep your newly transferred files protected!

What I don’t like: I haven’t quite given in to the hype of allowing my iPhone become a hotspot. This may be because I’m grandfathered-in to the old AT&T plan of unlimited and don’t want to give it up yet! It also may be because there are wireless networks seemingly everywhere nowadays. To complete the file-sharing, the computer and Apple device must be in the same network. If you are trying to view files on the go, this is seemingly impossible. And my personal computer is a desktop that is usually connected via Ethernet. Trying to find a wireless network with my device to share is a hard task to do!

One of the benefits that it does say it can handle is creating your own wireless network with your iPhone to use. But overall, this still doesn’t help if you are on the go and aren’t near your computer.

$4.99 for this app


Is it for you? I think this is a good app for small business owners who do a lot of presentations. The email capabilities it has and allows for are great when the owner is out and knows for certain all of the files he needs are in his pocket.

Overall: This is a great app for filesharing that allows for numerous filetypes. Limitations on wireless networks and its capabilities handicaps it a great deal.

Product Review: Filemagnet App
Leah Hollowell