Review: Hunt Groups for Your Small Business

Okay, not many people these days are listening to their voicemails. The hustle and bustle of life has gotten so hectic, a businessperson could save 30 minutes a day from erasing every voicemail left on that day! How’s that for efficiency? Still, if you’re a small-business entrepreneur, you need to make sure you’re in contact with your clients. And that, unfortunately, means keeping an eye (actually an ear) on your messages. It’s absolutely crucial.

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How Taco Trucks Can Make More Money Using IVR – in 5 Easy Steps

An abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response, an IVR system is the automated greeting we hear when we call many businesses. You know, “Press 1 for sales, 2 for support…”

While it’s a relatively old technology, the emergence of all things “in the Cloud” mean small businesses (and I mean really small businesses – the kind that fit onto 4 wheels) can have an IVR system that’s super cheap and very easy to set-up and change.

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Review: Don’t Tripp on the Tripp Lite Power Inverter

It’s not that hard a concept to not trip over any of those pesky cables and cords you’d find in an office complex to power your operation. Of course, typically you’ll find that kind of thing in a big corporation!

But what about a small business?

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Dragon Go Makes Searches Voice-Activated Easy

Chances are you do a lot of typing in the course of your small business. If you pound keys like I do, you know that it’s not easy. And then if you want to take a little break and surf the web, you do more typing just to figure out how to get around. But if you want to make searching a whole lot easier, and voice powered, then Dragon Go from Nuance Communications is just what you want.

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A Quick Review over My iPhone/iPad pick of the week: Quickoffice!

 QuickOffice Pro – My Small Business App Pick of the Week!

I use Microsoft Office everyday. EVERYDAY. If your office runs on Microsoft Office and its capabilities, you need this app. Almost everything you do at the office can be done and seen from QuickOffice. It is a little of the pricier side for an Apple App, but for what it offers it might be worth it to you!

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Review: Why SmallBusinessLoans.Com Isn’t Just Any Other Dot Com Site

Do you want to know the God-honest truth? Running a small business is hard. I can be honest.

I’m not going to sing songs to you or try to fill up your brains with a lot of positivism, trying to sell you on the American Way of being an entrepreneur and how the limelight and glamour will shine on your skin and make you glow like Edward Cullen getting married to Bella Swan — Vampires, we are not. That’s for sure.

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Does Anyone Need A Blackberry Anymore?

There was a reason they called it “the Crackberry”. Even Barack Obama, when elected president, insisted on keeping his, even though he went on record as calling it “no fun”.  Ironically, that ended up describing the entire history of perception of the Blackberry. The Blackberry was, once, the single indispensible business tool for most any small business owner, not to mention the panoply of large business employees who used it.

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Review: BlogHer Empowers the Female Entrepreneur?

Let’s go through some necessary, yet obvious, information here: for one thing, a blog.

What? That’s it. Two words? A blog. Well, that’s not information here, right? That’s just a fragment with no real purpose. What the heck is going on with this blog? Are we reading it? Writing it? Playing catch with it?

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