When Your Small Business Should Have A Flickr Presence

A question was recently posed to us about the photo storage service known as Flickr, and whether or not small businesses should be using it. As is usually the case when someone asks a yes or no question, the answer is never so simple, but for most businesses, the answer is likely to be yes.

Using Flickr allows you, in turn, to get access to Google Images, which gets your images onto one of the largest image search engines known to man, as well as provides some extra traffic for your web site.The process to get in is actually fairly simple, in that you just sign up and follow the on-screen instructions. Special note, you’ll want to set your photos to public, unless of course you don’t want people–and Google Images–looking at your uploaded photos. Then from there, you just begin uploading your photos and taking advantage of Google’s offering. The down side, of course, is that it will take some time. Estimates say anywhere between a few days to up to two months depending on a variety of factors.

Now, when it comes to the question, should my small business use Flickr, the answer depends largely on your business. If you have goods for sale, then yes, by all means, sign up for Flickr. Whether you’re making cheeses, hammock stands, or just some simple crafts stuff that you run through your Etsy shop, if you want people to see it, then adding it to Flickr, and from there Google Images, is a great course of action and a way to get you a little extra promotion all at the same time. If you run a business where people congregate, like a bar or a nightclub, then you’ll also likely find good results here, showing everybody who uses Flickr and Google Images what a good time people have at your location.

Meanwhile, if your business is heavily service-oriented, you likely won’t find much to photograph here. No one wants to see what a CPA’s office looks like, for example, or check out pictures of a paralegal going over some law books, unless of course said paralegal is an attractive woman, then you might get somewhere with that approach.

But still, if you’re looking to get some attention to your product lines, or want to improve your public perception by showing off what a great time you can provide, then Flickr may be tailor made for your small business.

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