Review: Seesmic Ping Sees Into the Future

Synchronization. That’s honestly become the middle name (and first and last name, really) of truly good business practice. Everything needs to be synchronized, working harmoniously in a business. Like a well-oiled machine. But can you imagine that working with social media?

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Review: Manta Is Massive, But Is It Massive Enough?

Yeah, I know — I’ve been reviewing apps since I was in diapers, but every once in awhile I like to deviate from the natural order of things and give credit where credit is due when it comes to small businesses.

Instead of apps for this review, we’re going to focus on a social media site! It’s called Manta. And needless to say, I’m about as impressed with this site as I am with an auto attendant handling all the voicemails and call centers taking all the calls — finally a social site devoted to small businesses, doing what they do best.

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BrandYourself Looks To Make Your Business More Visible

If any part of your business is online–your storefront, your product pages, your blog, or any combination thereto–then you need to have some understanding of SEO. And while some may even be having trouble with the acronym, the actual execution is about to get a little easier with a combination free and pay service known as BrandYourself.

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Review: Weebly Wins Brownie Points

Sort of sounds like one of those Flash games you’d find online, doesn’t it? Think again. Weebly apparently is so much more, benefiting any small business or entrepreneurship in the world.

Yes, the name of the site is Weebly. Try saying it fast. Sort of tickles your tongue, yes? Makes you feel all cozy and funny inside, like sucking on one of those cotton candy lollipops from the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

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Review: Google Local, Sticking to Its Own (Not so Smart?)

Once again, Google’s on the news here in the small business arena. What do you expect? You’re looking at the multi-media cyberspace ultra-giant mega-monster of the internet. Google. And now guess what? They’ve gotten so big, so powerful, that they have their own entrepreneur word-of-mouth advertising service called….

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Review: A Second Life For Small Businesses

To be honest, all those virtual 3D downloads out there get a bad rep: after all, look at the film “Gamer” with Gerard Butler! Check out some of the wild and crazy in these virtual worlds, right? Some of it’s even crazier than the real world. There’s no denying it, though: 3D gaming is the rage. And in particular, you might’ve heard of this particular revolutionary free piece of software download:

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Review: Get LinkedIn With Your Business

Normally, it would be customary to do a review on a revolutionary new service, site, or product out there — but today’s not normal. These days, nothing is normal! Just look at the small business market out there. It’s like shark-infested waters. And all you’ve got is your wet suit and a harpoon gun.

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Review: Twitter as a Business Model

Is that for real? Yes, it most certainly is. Let’s put it this way: ….Even the White House is doing it!

This is a wake-up call to just how powerful Twitter really is, and there’s no denying the fact that the corporate level is tapping into it. Why? Because it’s quick and easy….

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