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Call Forwarding FAQs

Does the caller know that his call is being forwarded?

No, the caller to your Halloo number does not know that you have chosen to answer at a particular location. Because you may have your business calls routed to a home number, you should be prepared to answer in a manner appropriate to the nature and image of your business.

How will I know if an incoming call has been forwarded by Halloo?

Calls forwarded by Halloo will not sound different from calls dialed directly. Thus, you should be ready to answer the phone in a manner appropriate to the image and nature of your business, should your calls be forwarded, for example, to your home.

What happens if I don’t answer the forwarded call?

After the selected ring timeout, the call will be answered by the Halloo voicemail system. If you have a separate answering machine or service on a forwarded line, it may pick up before the Halloo voicemail answers.

Note: If you are directing calls to a mobile phone that is out of range or turned off, the mobile phone carrier will accept the call into the mobile phone’s voicemail.

What happens if the phone that calls are forwarded to is already in use?

This depends on the type of phone or service that is associated with the forwarded number.

For example, you may have your Halloo number forwarded to your home phone, which has call-waiting enabled. In this case, a new incoming call will trigger your call-waiting beep, allowing you to answer the new call.

You may have subscribed to a phone-company supplied voicemail service which answers the new call, if the phone is in use. In that case, your Halloo forwarded call will end up in the voicemail system of the line that’s in use, and not in your Halloo voicemail system.

Will the caller have to pay for the forwarded call?

No, the forwarded calls are billed to the Halloo account originally dialed.