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How do I change to a different service plan?

To change your service plan:

  1. Sign in to your account on the My Halloo website.
  2. Select the My Account link, and click the [Change Plan] button under the Service Plan section in the middle of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Note that in certain cases, your new plan may have significantly different features, and we may need to contact you in order to ensure that your system continues working the way you expect through the transition. If you request a change from a Solo to an Office plan, please make sure to check your email for a message from our support team!

You may also request a plan change by sending an email to [email protected] or calling us. If you choose this method, please be sure to:

  1. Include your account or company ID in your email.
  2. Tell us the name of the plan that you would like to switch to.
  3. Reply to the confirmation email we will send to the Administrator and Billing emails on the account. We regret that we are unable to process any plan changes initiated over the phone or through email unless you respond to our email. We have found that this is the best way to protect our customers from unauthorized account changes with potentially damaging business consquences.

You may change plans at any time during your billing cycle. You will receive a pro-rated credit for the unused portion of your existing rateplan and a prorated charge for the new plan.

What should I expect when I change service plans?

You will not accidentally lose your Halloo phone numbers if you decide to change plans. Your phone numbers always stay with your Halloo account. However, should you choose to change to a plan that does not permit all of the phone numbers that are currently assigned to you, you will have to decide which of those number to discontinue until your usage matches the requirements of the new plan.

When you change service plans, your account will record some one-time charges and credits which you will see on your next statement. A change of plans is treated as a termination of the old plan part way through the month, followed by the initiation of the new plan part way through the month. Any included minutes remaining from the old plan will be lost, but a pro-rated fraction of minutes from the new plan will be granted. However, if the fraction of included minutes from the old plan that have been used is greater than the fraction of the month that has elapsed, then the refunded portion of the old plan will be calculated based upon the fraction of monthly included minutes used, rather than the fraction of time elapsed.

For example, if your current plan costs $10.00 per month, and it is now exactly half way through the month, but you have used 75% of your included minutes, then your refund will be $2.50 (25% of $10.00). The prorated fractional cost of the new plan will still be calculated as 50%, since the exactly half of the current month remains.

What about changing to or from an annual prepaid plan?

It is similar to changing a monthly plan. The current month will be prorated.

If you change to a annual prepaid plan then 11 additional months of charges are added to your account balance. If there is a balance due then we will collect that amount. If there is a credit amount then it will remain on your account to be used for future charges.

If you are changing from an annual prepaid plan to a monthly plan then you will be using your credit balance towards your monthly statements. Once your credit balance is used in full you will start to pay monthly.