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Users and extensions

The Halloo system enables you to provide voice services for everyone in your organization. Each person will have an individual voice mailbox, individual forwarding preferences and extension identifiers.

Each extension is identified by a 2-digit number (00-99), to enable convenient dialing within your organization. Larger plans may have 3- or 4-digit extensions. An extension may be one of the following types:

 User extension
Assigned to a member of your organization. Includes a voice mailbox, find-me/follow-me preferences, address book and more. Each user extension has an individual username and PIN to enable that user to sign-in and access the system.
 Hunt Group Extension
A Hunt Group extension routes calls to members of a group, rolling from one user to the next until someone answers. Groups allow users to share the work of taking incoming calls and share notes through the Timeline feature.
 Queue Extension
An ACD queue is similar to a Hunt Group, but holds calls in queue until a FlexCall center agent or supervisor becomes available. Refer to the Call Center articles for additional information regarding setup and configuration of ACD queue extensions and integrating them with your Auto Attendant extensions.
 Auto attendant extension
A collection of interactive menus, directing callers to pre-recorded information and user extensions. Multiple auto attendants may be established, and assigned different telephone numbers, to enable specialized information to be made available to your customers. For example, an auto attendant might be set up for special promotions, customer support, or product information. Your general corporate auto attendant might have a toll-free number assigned, while a customer support attendant might be assigned local number.
 Meet-me Conference extension
This Extension includes a Direct Dial number so you can schedule dial-in conference calls. See also the Conference Services article in the Support pages for additional information.

Administering Extensions in My Halloo

Sign in to My Halloo as an administrator to manage the extensions in your account. You will have the ability to add and delete extensions, as well as configure options for each one.

Select the Administration tab at the top of the My Halloo page. Here you will see a list of the extensions in your account. Every extension has a local extension number.

Extensions Administration

To add new extensions to your account click on the green button at the top of the page. For more information please refer to Adding User Extensions.