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Adding a new user extension

To add a user extension, click on the button at the top of the Administration page. Fill in the required information, as shown in the example below.

New User

The Extension Number is a 2-digit (3- or 4-digit) number, used for convenient identification and dialing of the new extension within your system. An account cannot have duplicate extension numbers. Each must be unique to your account.

The Username is a short name or nickname used by the user to sign-in to the My Halloo website. It must start with a letter, and may contain only letters [a-z,A-Z], numbers [0-9] and the '.' (period), '_' (underscore), and '-' (dash) characters. Examples of acceptable usernames include:

  • mary
  • maryj
  • mjohnson
  • mary.johnson

Fill in the First and Last name fields as appropriate.

A valid user email is required in the Email field. Note that a random PIN will be assigned and emailed to the user with instructions on how to sign-in to My Halloo.

Check the Administrator box if you wish for the new user to be able to manage the entire account also. This will give him/her the ability to manage and add extensions, change routing on the Auto Attendant, and view or change billing information.

After you create the extension, you may wish to request a separate new toll-free telephone number so that callers may reach the extension directly. Otherwise, callers may reach the extension through your auto attendants.