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What do I need to do to set up IM notification and control?

The first step in setting up your Halloo phone service to provide IM notification is to download an IM client for your system and set up a Jabber account on the Halloo Jabber server: jabber.halloo.com. Note: If you already have a client that supports the XMPP (Jabber) protocol, you may, of course continue to use that. If you already have an IM account that you are sure supports the XMPP (Jabber) protocol, you will need to create a new Jabber ID in your account profile that matches the Halloo server.

Getting the client software and setting up your IM account

If you do not already have client software that supports the XMPP protocol, you must download a free client. If you are using Microsoft Windows, we suggest that you use Pandion. If you are using another operating system, or simply wish to explore other IM clients, go to the official Jabber Web site at www.jabber.org. Your Halloo account ID will be “[email protected]” (ex. “[email protected]”).

Use your client software to create this account on the Halloo Jabber server (jabber.halloo.com).

Using your existing Jabber (XMPP) capable account

If you already have an IM account with a different provider, provide your newly created account ID (it will look like “[email protected]”) in your account profile. The server name must match the Halloo Jabber server in order for you to receive notification of incoming calls.

Enter the new Jabber ID into the User Settings > General page on My Halloo Web.

Configuration and testing

Next, you must check the checkbox titled “Send IM notice for incoming calls” in the User Settings > Forwarding tab of your My Halloo Extension.

Test the IM notification feature by logging in to your IM account and call your Halloo phone number from any phone. If you do not receive an instant message from [email protected], check your privacy preference settings in your IM client to be sure that you are not blocking messages from this account. You may need to put in an explicit “allow” entry for [email protected].