Prepping Your Business for the Holidays

The holidays are here! For many businesses, this is the time of year that generates the majority of sales revenue. While you are planning for the things you’ll need to make this season a success – sufficient product, expanded employee hours, and the like – consider adding one more thing to your roster, a cloud-based telephone system.

A cloud-based telephone system is, essentially, a system that routes voice traffic through a set of remote computers to connect to you. It’s like adding on phone lines without the extra hassle and wiring of conventional phone lines. Similar to iTunes or Dropbox, a cloud-based phone system functions in many of the same ways, except with voice traffic instead of files or music.


Now is the time of year that you’re thinking about ways you could use a couple of extra phone lines to help handle your holiday traffic. You know that during the holidays, people call to ask about availability of certain items, ask about your store hours, or reserve a product to purchase later. With the many features of a Halloo phone system, including auto attendant and hunt groups, increased call volume can be handled with ease. Adding toll-free or additional local area code phone numbers can also make your company memorable and reachable.

Retail and shopping image of an open sign in a book store window


Halloo can easily expand to meet your business demand and is a proven, professional tool to assist with all the phone calls that arrive over the shopping season, saving you valuable staff time and expense. With the extensive features of a cloud based phone system, you can gain the competitive edge by providing customers the service they are seeking, optimizing your potential sales!