Refining The Impression You Leave on Customers

Everything you say or do in the name of your business leaves an impression on your customers and potential customers. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the messaging that your audience will see or hear. Making a good impression will get you far when it comes to securing and keeping the customers you want and need. Pay close attention to the areas most commonly in contact with the public.

Your Telephone

Your telephone is one of the first points of contact for customers and potential customers of your business. By paying attention to the technology you offer, the system with which you transfer calls, your voice mail and more, you will be making the right impression. You should ensure that regardless of your company size, you have a phone system that gives the illusion that you are a much bigger company. On hold messages and voice mail messages tell your captive audience exactly what you want them to know. A sophisticated phone system belies a small company, giving the impression of being a much larger entity.

Your Website

Today your website is often the very first representation of your company that individuals encounter. Online searches deliver customers to your site regularly. Having a well-thought-out website that is visually appealing and both informative to actual and potential customers and to search engine web crawlers will ensure that you continue to drive new customers to your business. The impression you leave via your website should be that you are an impressive player in your field.

Your Physical Location

If your business is online only and no one will ever see where you work, the surroundings are less important. However, if you have customers come to your place of business, even on occasion, paying attention to presenting a modern, clean, uncluttered locale is a surefire way to encourage those who visit you to become customers.

Your Community

By getting out into your community, you will be making an impact on the potential customers you meet on a regular basis. How you get involved in your community, whether it is local or virtual, will make an impression. Sharing usable information, especially the type that others in your industry typically charge for, will help you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and a leader in your field.

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Every face that you show your customers should be carefully considered so that your words or appearance don’t negate the efforts you make in building your customer base. Be sure that in addition to these important faces above, that social media, your employees, the marketing materials you create and even the culture of your business reflect exactly what you want to portray. Show a polished side and build the confidence of those who encounter you.