Learn From Customer Calls For Maximum Marketing and Sales Results

There is something to be learned from practically every interaction with potential clients. Even the calls that don’t translate to a sale provide valuable information that can be used in growing your business. In fact, by using certain features of your cloud-based phone system, you can easily collect the valuable information you need to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

Recorded Calls Are Key

Cloud-based phone systems often have call recording capabilities. As a part of your greeting, make sure to inform callers that calls may be recorded if you choose this feature. Call recording allows you to gather data by listening and revisiting recorded calls so you can gather insights from actual customers and potential customers.

Learn From Words

As you listen to the recordings of between your staff and your audience, pay close attention to the words others use when they talk about your business, service and products. Often, the average person uses language that is quite different than that which is used by those in the industry. When you are creating your content to drive visitors to your website, this is the language to use. These words should appear on your website, in your social media posts, in videos, articles and blog posts. Even your phone representatives should mirror the language being used by customers to better connect with them.

Learn from Questions

In reviewing recordings, note every question asked by your audience. This is valuable information that you can use to create blog posts or to include in the FAQ section of your website. When potential customers go searching for the answers to such questions, if your company is the one providing the answers, you will stand a much better chance of being contacted for the purchase. By being at the forefront of information for your industry, you stand out as an expert.

Learn from Objections

Objections your potential customers give for not buying your product or service when they are speaking with a representative are very helpful. Such information can help you improve customer service and sales training in order to better deal with such objections. Feedback of this type can also provide valuable data on how to make the product or service better.

Learn to Take Notes

By recording calls you can ensure that notes are taken correctly in your cloud-based system, helping to guarantee the best customer care possible and to make sure that opportunities to sell are not missed. Use recordings and screen shots of notes on the associated calls for training purposes so those on the front line can see exactly how and why notes are critical to success.

Cloud based phone systems allow you to do so much more than just answer and manage calls and record messages. Becoming familiar with the various features allows you to best use this technology for the success of your business.