5 Things You Can Do To Get the Most From Your Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud based phone systems offer much to your business. In fact, such affordable systems can transform your business and help to bring it to the next level. Yet many business owners actually miss out on some of the most powerful attributes of such a system. Make sure you know these 5 things to profit the most from your cloud based phone system.

Use it For Marketing

Your cloud based phone system is likely a marketing tool that you haven’t even considered. It can let you strategically get messages to customers and potential customers in a timely manner. On hold messages can be recorded and changed as you wish to tell customers exactly what you want to tell them when you have their attention.

Impress Customers With What You Know

Contact management is easy when you use your Halloo cloud based phone system. Have your staff make notes of every contact with a customer or potential customer, and what was discussed. The next time someone from your firm is speaking with the same individual, they can access the information quickly and easily, essentially picking up where the last person left off. This ensures that customer care and lead nurturing is personal and effective.

Monitor the Customer Service Your Company Delivers

Data collected from your phone system can provide a thorough understanding of how quickly calls are answered and how long calls last. Recorded calls allow you to ensure that the level of customer service you desire is actually what callers are getting. An important part of the strategies you implement in your business is the evaluation of how well they work. A high quality, cloud based phone system has built-in options that can provide the information you need.

Go Mobile and Never Miss A Call

Good news

Only a cloud based phone system can be accessed in its entirety from anywhere you have a high speed Internet connection. That means you never miss a call and you always have a virtual office in the cloud with all the information you need to deliver high quality customer care. The Halloo app makes it even easier to run your business in a mobile environment by placing many of the phone system features right at your fingertips.

Save On Business Expenses

Your business expenses can be kept tight while you add to your business with a cloud based phone system. For low monthly fees, you can have access to toll-free numbers, an auto attendant, easy call transfer, a voice mail system, a contact management system and more. With this wise investment, you can ensure that callers receive a professional impression of your business, even perceiving it as a larger enterprise than it actually is.

Take a moment to consider your cloud based phone system. Are you using all its features? If not, you might be missing a major advantage that could make a huge difference to your business.