Boost Your Business Image

As a business, the communication and image presented by your organization, creates the first impression. Since the window of opportunity to convey a positive first impression is very short, it’s important to ensure your business image is one that will attract customers and distinguish your company from the competition.

Key Focus Areas for Boosting Your Business Image

Stay tuned to outward appearances. Experience your organization as if you were a new customer. Review how a visitor to your office is greeted and what type of impression is relayed by both the physical space and team members. Visit your website as if you were new to your product or service. Does the site make sense and direct guests in a logical manner? Contact your company’s main number and navigate through the menus and customer service queues. Is the experience one that boosts professionalism and inspires confidence in your brand?

Make your business appear bigger than actual sizeMake your company appear bigger than it actually is. Consumers are more comfortable making purchases from organizations that are established because they appear more knowledgeable and solid. Think about how your website, print materials, and phone greetings reinforce the customer’s belief that you have the know-how to solve their problems. Specifically, details such as your company’s phone number, call routing, voicemail system, and email address all play a role in your business image and help convey size and legitimacy.

The message is paramount. The two tips above only help to reinforce your message. If you are not able to convey the main benefits of your product or service to customers, no amount of attention to outward details or size will matter. The message needs to relay what your product or service will do for your consumer. It should reflect why they should do business with you above all others.

While all of these focus areas require time and attention, they are essential. Your business image affects not only if a customer will make the first contact, but also if they’ll return to you in the future. Your image needs to be consistently reinforced both internally (with your employees) and externally (with your potential market). This will help your organization project professionalism, credibility, and success and become a company that consumers want to do business with.

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