Review: Weebly Wins Brownie Points

Sort of sounds like one of those Flash games you’d find online, doesn’t it? Think again. Weebly apparently is so much more, benefiting any small business or entrepreneurship in the world.

Yes, the name of the site is Weebly. Try saying it fast. Sort of tickles your tongue, yes? Makes you feel all cozy and funny inside, like sucking on one of those cotton candy lollipops from the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

But it’s so much more than sweets. While it is a sweet app you can use in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

The Lowdown on Weebly

So you want to know what all this is about, this Weebly thing? Here it is.

It’s a service allowing you to create an actual web site, blog, or even online store. That’s right. And to be honest…the app makes it easy.

Many of you might not know what it takes to actually build a company web site, blog, or anything else online. Think HTML. Think CSS. Some of the technical stuff can get pretty heavy.

You’d freak when you learn that Weebly steps across all of that for you so you don’t have to worry about the ‘technical’ stuff. Utilizing a simple drag-and-drop interface, you simply have to use the mouse. Aaaaaand that’s it. No funky commands. No messing with┬áparentheses, hyphens, dashes, colons, semi-colons or any other alien-like characters on the keyboard.

Since you’re human (and not an alien), Weebly offers you variety; because you know us humans on the planet Earth love variety. You’re looking at over 100 professional themes to choose from, cloud hosting technology, support, domain registration (free, I might add), easy blogging features, photo and slideshow capability, video and audio players, a form builder feature, efficient image editor, traffic stats for your viewing pleasure, SEO optimization, E-commerce capability, mobile site creation (for those workers on the move), and the all-important password protection for your site.

The entire corporate package!

Things to Think About

Now all that’s well and good, and Lord knows every company out there absolutely needs a web site, blog, or online store. Here’s the thing, though:

Maybe you don’t want to do all that work yourself. Maybe you simply don’t have the time. While it definitely makes it easy for you, managing all of that may still crunch the numbers on your clock. And we all know just how precious time is as an entrepreneur. Which is why we value all our call centers, auto attendants, and virtual offices. They make life easier.

So why not hire a tech expert to handle your web site for you? Of course, that costs a little extra dough…. So you can understand the advantage Weebly offers!

The Bottom Line

You can’t deny the obvious advantage of such a site, though — when you’re looking at an app celebrated by the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the BBC, TechCrunch, and over 8 million users, there’s bound to be some positive response and feedback.

The company web site has the very best in tools and technology, thanks to Weebly. Now say it with me — Weeeeeeeebly! Makes you feel cozy and funny inside, doesn’t it?

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